150 Watt Medium Base High Pressure Sodium Bulb

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by top secret, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. will this balb (150 Watt Medium Base High Pressure Sodium Bulb) work for growing 3 plants it puts out 16000 lumens? and can i just use this in any lamp or do i need to buy a specal size one to screw it into? plz help
  2. No, you can't just stick a bulb like this into any old socket...read up! Say no to Base Up (BU) bulbs and yes to Horizontal (HOR) bulbs. Horizontal bulbs are much more efficient. I've never heard of Medium Base before.
  3. Medium base socket is what a regular incendencent lamp screws into.

    If you put a HPS bulb in a unballested fixture you run two risks the first is you can kill the bulb (theres 25 bucks down the drain) you can cause a fire (that puts not only your grow in jeopordy but your lives and the lives of your family. third thing that happens with HPS bulbs is they can explode too much heat inside of them if they explode and your in the grow room you can be injured with shards of glass in your face and body. its not a good idea

    DONT USE THAT BULB unless its in a proper fixture.

    Be careful and read more before you do anything dumb and hurt yourself ohh yeah while im on it NEVER LET WATER GET CLOSE TO THE BULB.

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