150 Watt Hps Home Made Hood

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bubblegum_man20, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. looks good just another one of my projects got to make the box for the ballist soon this is to add to my 100 watt mh i use on the one mother plant i have and my seedlings and clones good luck all

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  2. sorry, but that looks like cardboard:s
  3. it is made of wood the back is 1/4" wall board for bathroom i was in a hurry took me 40 minutes to cut it out put it together paint it and put the light in it
  4. its gonna burn m8. 1st the heat will warp it (if ur lucky) then its gonna go black, then red then burst into flame.
  5. you think so it got 2 1/2'' behind the bulb and its only 150 watts i always test shit frist i'll plug it in and leave it on for 24hrs before i put it into use if this doesn't work i have some diamond plate i can use but i thought this would work i will keep you posted on it
  6. yeah, you should be OK
  7. how did the test go? did u get heat build up?
  8. i think that the worst that could happen is that the paint will bubble:(
  9. kids messing around and broke my new bulb (it was above the computer) so i have to wait to test but since then i built a hood for my 400mh so im using a 400mh on my mothers and a 400mh argroson on the clones budding i will try to get some pics up good luck all
  10. damn, thats why i always keep my bulbs in a bubble wrap bag when their not in the socket:)
  11. id like to see the other hoods u have built. im thinking of remote balasting 1 of my lights, i cud buy a shade but the cheap 1s r crap and the good 1s cost twice wot i paid 4 the 400w HPS that i want to remote.
  12. you can always use the same hood and just take out the ballast and shit and put that in a seperate box. in a small ScrOG or the related those little security light shades are awesome;)
  13. ITs all good just joking hooked the 150 hps up and after about 5 minutes i pulled the plug ,,,didn't think it would get that hot ,,,i was wrong so back to the work shop with the hps but here is a hood that i made check it out needs paint ,primer and some shiny tin to go in the back ,,,modeled after a hydrofram 1000 watter

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  14. remember to use heatproof paint!
  15. thinking about puting two lights in the one hood,,,,i was using a 100mh but have upgraded to a 400mh but it get seems to be to much it is hard to keep the heat down why cant i run the two together 100watt mh and 150watt hps in this new hood ,,,,,i like my 400mh for budding it seems to work pretty good with the agrosun bulb but i had a 250 watt hps before and i liked how fat and healthy the plants looked with it ,,,my plants look good now but not as good as before ,,,,,,,the two lights shuold run cooler than the 400 mh plus the combined light spectrum ????? i dont know if i put them in there it will give me another 400 mh to bud with what do you guys think the room the light is in is 30"x40"7' high so it not that big it might just be me but i dont like normal mh's i also clone in the same area with 3 20" floro tubes any input???????????????????????????
  16. your gonna want a little divider between the bulbs if you run 2+ lights in the same hood. you need the seperator to keep all the light that each bulb produces, onto your plants, not onto another bulb.;)
  17. i think ur plan is a good1. u shudnt need to devide the lamps cus any light hitting the other lamp will just pass through it to hit the reflector anyway.

    shame ur 400 aint a HPS tho aint it.
  18. Nice idea though!
  19. i was thinking less watts ( but still enough for the size ) so it will run cooler and maybe run it 24 hrs instead of 18 also better specturm???????????? that is what i think,,,,,,,my shit is getting little bumps all over them ???? this is the farthest i have been 3 months ago i got paranoid and pulled them all after shit cooled down i went back and saved one plant which is now my mother plant so i want to know how long into flowering should you start to see the tch glands on the leaves (the small ones by the buds) how many weeks,,,,,,,,i'm on week 5 and shit is looking pretty good i've posted pics in indoor growing under ,, one of my babies .,,, but my web cam suck a fat dick just drunk and wondering so what do you think?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  20. Put some small 1" welds in the corners on that plate steel reflector. Apot welds dont penetrate much because they never build up much heat. What kind of welders do you have? I have a 80Amp cambel housfeld MIG and a lincoln cutmate plasma cutter, $1K but worth every dollar.

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