150 watt hps closet grow. Nirvana northern lights and Swiss cheese feminized

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    OK so I'm starting this journal late in the game so I'll give a quick rundown. I have 2 lovely ladies, a Northern lights and a Swiss cheese. Both in 5 gallon pots of FFOF. Both was vegged for roughly 5 weeks under my 150 watt HPS , and are now 2 weeks into 12/12. I am feeding them with general hydroponics micro and bloom, following the Lucas formula....I think that's about it...pic time lol.
  2. Here's a pic just taken, they are def working on budding, I am having a slight yellowing of some bottom leaves that I'm getting help with, other than that they seem healthy and vigorous...gonna check my runoff pH next watering and hopefully nip this problem before it really becomes one....
  3. Thx for popping in!
  4. OK so this was after wet trim...
    Dried, curing in jars, my swiss cheese yielded 1 1/2 oz and northern lights yielded 2 oz....not too bad for only a 150 watt hps and no training or topping....going to up my pot size and just do one plant but train it, see what happens...excited to try again.... This was only me 2nd real grow so I'm learning..
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