150 watt HPS - 2nd Grow - Bagseed

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  1. Hey guys! 
    This is my second grow but first grow with an actual HPS. I got a good deal on it so figured I'd take a run at it first before upgrading to a 400 watt in the future. 
    My first grow was with CFL's, about 240 watts for two plants, ended up pulling 2.5 ounces. But I've heard that this HPS light is supposed to make the grow completely different so, let's see what happens. 
    Hoping to pull the same with 2 plants on this 150 watt HPS. 
    I used coco coir for my first grow, but I've decided to use Fox Farms Ocean Forest, as I've really only heard good things about it. I've put my seedlings in yesterday morning and have the light on for 24/7, at least for now. I have the light about a feet away but I'm not sure if that's too far or not. Hoping someone can answer that for me soon. 
    I'm really hoping these turn out well, and I'm really hoping that this goes a lot smoother than my first grow. if you have any suggestions or comments please let me know. I'm using a 6 foot high by 2 feet wide by 4 feet long tent which is plenty of room for my girls, and temps usually range from 78-82 degrees. Humidity stays at about 25% pretty consistently. 
    I'll post a pic or two of what I have, but I'm really just looking for more advice and people just to join to journey, haha. 

  2. Perfect, i subbed. Always fun to follow a new journal.
  3. foot*

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    Good luck man! I use a 150 watt HPS myself for my autos so I'm interested to see what some bag seed does.
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  5. Yup join the 150 club.
  6. Damn, I put them in soil 15 hours ago, and one of them popped. I'm liking it already 👍

    Only thing I'm concerned about are how the temps are rising to the high 80's and humidity staying in the low 20's. I have to solve it, I'm guessing with more ventilation and maybe a bucket or gallon of water. Any other suggestions?

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  7. Hm that's interesting. My space is passively ventilated..poorly..but my box rarely goes above 78-80. I would just get the air moving a bit, or more, to keep it from reaching such a high temp. Not sure about humidity.

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  8. Alright, 2nd seed popped. And now it looks like the first is about to stretch so I moved the light about 3 inches closer.

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