~$150 tubes?

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  1. So, while smoking last night my roommate knocked over and broke about $150 worth of glass, including my bong and ashcatcher. So, I'm in the market for a new tube.

    I love heady pieces, but I know it'll be a miracle to find something quality in that price range. I'd like it to have a perc of some sort, although a straight tube is a possibility. As far as the ashcatcher goes, I definitely want another one, but for right now I think I'd rather spend $150 on a nice tube and add an ascatcher later, rather than buying budget on both. I'd prefer a beaker base, but once again that's not a deal breaker.

    I know these threads pop up all the time, but I never thought I'd see the day I was making one :( R.I.P to my first bong, somebody help make my second one even better!
  2. You can get a great bong for around $150 dollars. I personally like Weed Star.
    Just look around GC until you find something cool. I just ordered the WS* inline bong waiting for it to arrive. To bad it just sold out ><

    Good luck, sorry to hear about the loss
  3. yeah these threads do pop up everyday...:rolleyes:

    150.00 isn't going to buy much...pm sent

    stay away from weedstar, they are crooks.

  4. Mine that broke was a $50 Blackleaf from GC, and while it was nice for my first, I wanna take a step up in quality.

    Yeah, I know because I'm usually reading them thinking damn, do some research...after being in this position I just want some opinions on what others would buy in the same situation. I haven't received a pm yet, but maybe there's a delay?
  5. haha patience my young grasshopper, I can only type as fast as my stoned mind will let me.
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    yep HVY is a great daily driver...I have 9mm hvy but its the 8 arm version.
    if you can find it locally go for it coz alt is a bit high in prices as well as shipping
  7. Yeah stay away from anything weedstar with a perc. Weedstar percs break SUPER easy, i just had the inside percs break from a light tap against the counter.
  8. SB Mini beakers usually run about 140-150 :smoke:.

  9. There's three headshops in my town, and the only brand they carry that I've EVER heard of is Pure. They're terrible about fakes and pieces of crap. One carries an entire line of "Roar" bongs that are clearly Roor knock offs, and they're priced like a Roor too.

    Speaking of, what's the word on the cheaper Roors? Like a 500ml Rasta label or something?

    Also, since we all know it's easy to miss stuff on Etsy, if anybody knows of any quality tubes on there feel free to post a link. I won't be buying until tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Ehle, SYN, and HVY are all good brands for a step up in quality but still reasonably priced.

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