150? how many plants?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MonArch, May 27, 2004.

  1. i just got a 150 watt hps n i want to know how many plants i can put in a box for that. i was hopeing 4, would thaat be too many cus some might turne out male
  2. 150 will be good for about 3 ft².... try not to think of it in number of plants, but in area coverage... or about 35 - 50w/ ft² (i try for 50) so yeah 3 flowering plants will do ok if you flower the like a week or so in.... i'd start with about 6, then any males can be disposed of...
  3. so i should make a box 3ft bt 3ft for the base.how tall should i make it ive been thinking about box designs for a while now and im not sure on what ill decide. I also have 2 4ft shop light floros that i would like to use in the box as well for extra lighting, i dont want to do a scrog just yet, i think im gonna go just a normal grow since its my 1st with the hps. So is 3ft by 3ft base good and how tall should i make it? I know your the expert on grow boxes hj.
  4. no he said 3'sq.......that's like 1.75x1.75...........if a room was 4x4, then it would be 16'sq...........a 150 will cover 2 flowering plants i'd say, but like john was saying start off with more, in smaller pots, then get them to show sex, and discard the males...........a general ratio is 10 planted 5 female.........so try for 6, and maybe get at least 2..........Peace out.........Sid

  5. try and make the inside of the box at least 4', to fit those fictures in vertically on the back wall (or the sides, but they might get in the way there, depends on how bige the rest of the box is gonna be)..
  6. ok then, so instead of 1.755555 im just gonna go 2ft by 2ft and height itsnt a problem i got alot of space in the attick im putting it in but i want it to be somewhat small and concealed, ill prob put the floros on the two sides. Should i do scrog or just grow em natural? I want to grow natural but its my 1st hps grow ( grown with floros before) and i kinda want to grow em natural so its easier for me. But im considering scrog cus im ordering seeds from nirvanna, top44, northern lights pure indica(said to be good indoor plant, small bushy, and nirvana ak47. Im gonna start with six like u said, ill do 3 top 44 and 3 nl pure indica. Since thes plats are gonna be bushy i think ill just forgt the scrog , what do you think, oh yeah will the floros disrupt the scrog?

    edit: i just read this and realized i contradicted myself, stoned, but to make it clear these plants are gonna be bushy so will the scrog make a diff?
  7. There's been a lot of scrog versus sog (<---"normal") discussion lately. I'll basically just give you the closing arguements of the discussion.

    Scrog- Bigger Harvest, Longer Veg

    Sog- Shorter Veg, Smaller Harvest

    Overall yearly sog wins. If you run the numbers you'll realize that you can get more harvest per year thus a higher yeild per year with sog.

    Per harvest scrog wins because of more bud.

    ..................My conclusion:If you plan to grow all year, then grow sog. If you want to grow occasionally just to keep a stash and then grow again when you're running low, grow scrog. But considering you're only using 150 watts, constantly harvesting sog will be best for you if you're a heavy smoker. (Who isn't? :D)

    And yet even more information.....

    With a 150 you could do 2ft x 2ft like you said. That basically gives you enough room for (4) 12' sqaure pots (sqaure would be best because they hole a liitle more soil).

    You could still do 4 plants with a 1.75' x 1.75' grow area. 1.75' is 21 inches that's enough room for (4) 10" pots, you'd just have to keep the plants a little shorter.

    I've heard really bad things about top44. I don't disagree with northern lights, or ak48, I've heard better (less bad) things about them....... But since top44 has gotten some bad reviews, I would suggest misty instead. It's very short and sqaut and isn't supposed to grow over 2'.

    Dr Chronic, is trustworthy and a nice enough guy, but I know that nirvana genetics aren't that great. (Why do you think they're the cheapest?) If you're looking for a great clone mother, you'll probally want to buy 3 packs of each strain. If you don't have enough cash for that, perhaps just pick one strain and get 3 packs of it.... Or hell, spend the 45 or 50 bucks of better genetics in general.

    Plus if you mention overgrow or grasscity the doctor will hook you up. He sent me 15 free skunk red hair seeds.... He's a cool guy. So if you do get 3 packs of the same seed (or more expensive seeds), atleast you'll have something to experiment around with.

    This is just my two cents. Good luck. :D
  8. well its already too late cus i ordered my seeds, I just went with the top 44 and northern light spure indica, I gave the ak48 a boot to save on money. I figured ill have seeds comming in amd no money to finish my grow box.For the pot arrangements i decided to go with four in the corners and one in the middle for a total of 5. I already measured out wit tape a 2 by 2 ft square on the floor and tried to see what was best with the pots im using and where to put the floros.This way i can start out with 5 and whatever females i get ill just find the biggest pot arrangement that will work. I still think im gonna put the floros on the two sides in the middle and rotate the plants so they all get equal light, but if i get the extra money i think im gonna buy two more fixtures and put one in each corner,. Think it would be worth it?

    Oh yeah who is dr chronic, what seed company he with. Its not that gypsy guy on seedsdirect is it?
  9. Yeah definately throw some more floros in there if you can. If you're running on a low budget, some cfls and coke can reflectors would be an easy way to add some light.

    Light is directly portioninate to yeild. (They frolick hand and hand in strawberry feilds). The more light your plants have the better the yeild.

    About starting off with 5 that sounds good. Use 5 small pots and then transplant to bigger ones when sex shows. That way you never exceed 2'x2' too badly.....

    And about Dr. C he's got his own website, I believe it's drchronicseeds.com (?). I just assumed you were ordering from him, because he sells all nirvana standard strains for 15 bucks. (Narc Emerey sells them for like 50+)................ So if you ever want to check the doctor out, he's cheap and trustworthy.

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