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  1. Hey guys I'm new to grass city and looking for help. I currently have a glass piece that was way over priced but it I was desperate to get something to get the job done, I'll attach a picture. Anyways I have about 150 bucks to get some decent glass. I was thinking of getting a decent bong with a couple circ perks and an ash catcher but I don't know anything about nice glass or if this is even enough money. Any suggestions/help will be much appreciated. image.jpg
  2. multiple circ percs for $150
    you must be ordering from china.
    :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
  3. Like I said I don't know much! That's just what I was interested in. I haven't found anything yetSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. HVY glass would be a good place to start.
    i wouldnt expect to get fancy, balling percs in that price range man...
    a nice diffused downstem will suffice.
    if that piece in the original post is what you have now, then youll be getting much better hits from a simple diffused glass beaker.
    multiple percs add a lot of drag and make it quite unpleasant to smoke. you really gotta spend some money to get mutliple percs that function flawlessly.
  5. dont go chinese. fuck multiple percs get a nice tube. like a hvy or a custom creations. both well respected nd not some chinese glass that some chinese kid paid $2 a month made. does it have to be a bong? cud it be a bubbler?
    ull have $90 left over for a nice ashcatcher
    i wud personally get that. search up a utube vid of tha tpeice it stacks like a champ
    if u want a bigger peice. im more into small pecies since i dab
  6. personally wouldnt order weedstar but thats just me...
    not bad, better first choice than 99.9% of these threads.
    if you live inside the US, then ordering from grasscity could take a while.
    customs is notorious for taking several weeks to send the package on through.
  7. Living in the US, where's the best place to look for a nice piece? My LHS is outrageous. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    aqualabtech or brotherswithglass
    if you order from the "made in usa" section of grasscity you wont have to worry about customs.
  9. Thanks man, much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. thats chinese an gc ships fom europe. takes a loonggggg time. i personally say brotherwithglass(ship within 24 hours and ships from oragan) came in 2 days for cali. and aqualab. brotherswithglass has alot of good peices that are cheap. aqua lab mostly focuss on expensive glass. but neither carry chinese glass. dont go weed star its chinese
  11. Thanks man. Just from hearing about china glass on here I definitely wanna stay away from it. I think I'm gonna check out the bong and a/c ncwhiteboy posted. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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