150 dollar bong????

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  1. Could i get an average sized glass bong (at least a foot long)with ice pinches, a single perc, and an ashcatcher for $150. im guessing no but how much would it cost to get the bong and then buy the ashcatcher seperately??
  2. go to your LHS and check dude. I'm sure you could work out a deal with management if they are cool
  3. quality over quantity.

    150 will get you a decent piece no ashcatcher
  4. It might not be the best quality, but you could do it.
  5. k thanks for the answers the next question is if im getting a sherlock bubbler should i even get a bong?
  6. get a grav lab showerhead hammer bubbler. not a shitty upcharged sherlock
  7. There is a 2 foot (it says 18 inches, its not I own it lol) black leaf ufo perc for less than 150 (including shipping) on here

    Nice piece haha
  8. i bought my hisi ice beaker for $160 (after taxes) at my local headshop. I ended up dropping an additional 70$ for the ashcatcher. However, it was sooooo worth it. The hisi uncloggable bowl is AMAZING :smoke:
  9. Yeah man this bong is actually pretty nice . And im gonna buy shit to add it.... Jus cracked the joint still works

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