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15 year old weed!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skipsomniac, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. okay so today i found my dads old stash and i believe its 10-15 years old because there was a pack of cigarettes that had only small warnings on them (australia) i put lemon skins in to moisten it up and it had no signs of mould. Moistened up nicely still a very colourful bunch of buds. Smoked that shit up and wow got such a good high from it. I can now confirm its safe to smoke no matter how old the weed is as long as it has no mould! Best taste from lemon skins.
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  2. That sounds pretty cool
  3. There was a thread I read on here a couple years back where a GC member found big jars full of weed in the walls of his house that he though was from the 70s, lemme see if I can find it
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  4. Did you find it?
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  5. I hope you find it, cause that sounds pretty cool.

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  6. Nah I tried, sucks too because dude had pictures of it and everything, plus the story was cool :/
  7. if stored in a cool dry place and cured properly, plant matter lasts indefinitely.
  8. I've smoked bud that was well over 2 years old that was stored properly and was fantastic and super potent with no noticeable loss in potency. It even had a little bit of moisture left in the buds and was not all dry and crumbly at all like some long term stored bud will get. So yeah, I think the main thing is cool dark and dry/airtight storage is the key for keeping bud long term.

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