15-year old boy uses ar-15 to defend himself, sister against home invaders

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  1. they dont show kids how to use guns...the kid in this case did the right thing but i think things have to change....columbine, virginia tech, colorado movie theater, mall. gabby gifford.....how many more??
  2. I'm not to far from where this happened. Our area of North Houston has really been hit recently with break ins. Glad this boy did what he needed to keep himself and sister safe.
  3. How many more until what?

    Violence will end when the human species ends.

  4. Used to? :p Up here in Alaska, most kids know how to use a gun fairly well by the time they're 12-13. Sometimes (usually) for hunting purposes, but my father took me to the gun range when I was a little girl all the time to practice with both a pistol and a rifle and I've never even shot at a deer because he wanted me to be able to protect myself if I needed to.

    I wish it were the same in the lower 48.. ignorance isn't always bliss, especially in a life or death situation.

    Gotta agree and say that guns aren't the problem, it's people who try to fuck around with them without proper practice and safety that are the problem, and... natural selection, hehe. x_x;; We need to stop trying to save stupid people from themselves when the world is already becoming overpopulated...
  5. true....
  6. Yeah they just stab each other......

    Uk is 4th highest in the world on violent crime.

    Seems like a warzone to me.
  7. As it should be! If you dont want to get shot ten times then dont break into someone elses house, simple as that. If you do you deserve to die of several gun shot wounds.

    Exactly, how many more before we let good people carry guns and stop pretending that banning things actually works even a little bit?

    Damn straight! Preach it!
  8. Good for him.

  9. AHEM

    You guys need to read the rules


    What you guys posted is completely out of line and not appreciated.

    Mairuzu you are 5 points away from a permanent ban as it is, disrespecting the moderators is one of the quickest ways to get yourself banned. You're VERY lucky you still have an account here.
  10. Why are you such a square? Haha
  11. lol hes def goin to ban for that.

    Sorry bro,
  12. This whole website is run by slave drivers
  13. /regrets not coming here earlier

    So much insight/humor

    Thanks, James!

  14. Until a lot more people understand people aren't born demented killers...they are made demented killers. Prevention is always preferable to a cure.
  15. Then, why tolerate such disgust by logging in?
  16. Too shay
  17. All I'm saying lol
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    I actually like Wildwill. He's a pretty decent dude once you get past his hard shell.

    But I did find this to be quite funny.


    As for this story, it's pretty cool. I don't agree with banning guns. It's not necessary.
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    This story needs to be overpublisized.

    All these overpublisized shooting have people crying out for security over freedom ffor no reason.

    People need to hear the whole truth


    Its true. All these people crying about being banned bla bla.

    They just mad. They know what they did.

    I've had a.couple infractions. They always send you a message with a quote followed by the rule you broke.

    They may be strict but you get plenty of chances.
  20. How many points do you start with out of interest? You know in that part that says 'Forum rules' that I obviously read but just chose to forget. I have an infraction for name calling and one for talking about other drugs.

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