15-year old boy uses ar-15 to defend himself, sister against home invaders

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  1. 15-Year Old Boy Uses AR-15 to Defend Himself, Sister Against Home Invaders

    Good for this kid he saved his sister.

    People forget that guns used to be a common sight in the US and really not a big deal to anyone involved. Kids used to be around guns all the time and were taught how to use them from a young age. Its only in modern times, that Ms. overprotective mom doesn't want her roll of fat also known as a son around guns because they are dangerous! And might attack him at any moment.

    Its good to see some people keep up American tradition and teach their kids how not to be a victim.
  2. That 15 year old boy is a domestic threat and I want to be protected against him. Right, Trippers? ;)
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    Yes you dont need 30 rounds to kill a deer! Dumbasses. 2nd ammendment isnt about hunting. Its for defense of liberty!

    The hunting argument is a false argument. Anyone wanting gun control is a full blooded authoritarian and have no respect for life. Therefore the "saving lives" argument is also a big fat stinking lie.

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  4. Correct, its not about hunting. The founding fathers probably found the right to hunt to be self evident, food=life.

  5. [​IMG]


    Can you imagine the outcome had anti gunners had their way?

    Thank cthulhu that kid was armed.
  7. That's great.

    But in my mind the bigger issue is that it shouldn't have happened in the first place. But people have this idea that gun control will magically stop violent crime. It wont, so until we can figure out how to fix things from the ground up, we're going to need guns.
  8. I hate how we are going to hear about every form of a firearm being used in defense.


    I am pro ownership as well.

  9. it starts with how we raise our children. and what our culture is like....
    we have much work to do before things like this just wont happen.
    I am however positive we are making progress.
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    I think WildWill jumped the gun on the disrepsect here since it isnt disrespecting anyone currently in this thread. This only seems to disrespect politicians claiming guns are for hunting.

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    What else is new haha:smoking:

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    Totaly agree. Bunch of trolls.

    He only did it cuz he didnt agree woth ehat i said.

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  13. Simple mistake

  14. id rather hear more storys of guns being used for self defense then storys like james holmes and adam lanza
  15. Gun defense stories are far more common than murders or violence yet you only hear the bad. Thats why so many people are scared of guns and want gun control.

    Also shines light on the media. Who are obviously controlled by govt. Thus proves their anti gun agenda all these libs deny.
  16. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
    This is perfect!! hahaha..
  17. "make my day law"

  18. In Colorado its perfectly legal to kill an intruder.
  19. its like comparing having wine at dinner with your family....they still do it in europe...but in europe they dont have shooting every few years....why is that...o yeah no guns really
  20. Very true, so what's your point then?

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