15+ Weeks Into Flowering... (Help?)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Snakey73, May 27, 2013.

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    I have two plants that I put into 12 hours of light on Feb 6th, and I still waiting for sighs of amber tricombes...
    growing under t5 sun system 2-2foot bulbs...
    1 plant is mostly sativa, other is mostly indica - both are in 3 gallon smartpot with happy frog soil
    4 weeks ago, I stopped with the nutes, and flushed each plant in my bathtub... once a week
    turned down hours of light to only 10hours per day...
    the mostly indicia tricombes look pretty cloudy/white... but have signs of new white threads growing out the tops of the bigger colas..
    the mostly sativa tricombes isnt't clear nor is it cloudy/white...
    I think my troubles stems from growing in an upstairs closet, and with spring it has hiked up temps to high 80s.. my last ditch effort,  I have moved them down to my basement, where its pretty consistent 65 degrees and about 50% relative humidity...
    all the leaves are green & healthy, no signs of any deficiencies... the stems color looks slightly less healthy.... but, I am open to any  options or suggestions....
    should I continue, in hopes of getting more cloudy & amber tricombes or should I just harvest?

  2. I've never flowered under anything under than HPS. Could it be because of the light?
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    let em grow man! be patient
    when you started 12/12 lightcycle did you see any preflowers?  
    flowering (for me)  doesnt officially start until i see preflowers.  for example: if you have been on a 12/12 for 2 weeks and you notice that the preflowers are just sprouting(after 2 weeks of 12/12)  then your flowering time doesnt begin till after the preflowers make an appearance.  
    if you started 12/12 a little early no biggie, your plant just needs time to fully mature before it can begin to flower
    be patient man the last two weeks of flowering is when your buds will swell up the most
    can we possibly see some pics?
  4. Sativas can take a long time sometimes. Mine are at 10 weeks and no signs of slowing
  5. yeah 
    they sure do, i got some nevilles haze goin, and that has a very long flowering time too
  6. Its not the light. I'm flowering under a 430watt T5HO and its fine. I havnt used the hps since i got it

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    whats wrong with HPS?  mine works great!!!
  8. can I assume, perhaps flowering requires as much or more light (lumens - during the time theyre on) as veg period??
    i plugged into two more cfls (ones a special 125watt photo bulb.. other is a standard 23watt).. so far, good results...
  9. Just wait man those white hairs coming out of the colas are what the male plants pollen sticks to this is the plants last ditch effort to reproduce before winter because of the 12/12 lighting.

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