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15 States including Texas submit petition to succeed from US

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NasaJoe, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. 15 States including Texas have filed a petition to secede from the United States - Dallas Top News | Examiner.com

    Obviously Obama is not going to just let these countries succeed, and its possible the petitions are more symbolic than anything.. but its good to see these states at least threaten something so monumental.

  2. Considering they're all about 2X,xxx away from the signature limit (which isn't even really very high, I doubt they'd be able to succeed from the states with just 25k signatures a state.) I doubt it'll happen. Even if that was eventually the case, like you said, Obama wouldn't allow our country to divide apart.

    Weird thought though, I didn't know so many states actually felt so strongly about that, also a little weird they waited till after the election. "Oh hey, that Obama fella got elected another 4 years.... better just try and make a struggling Louisiana it's own country." It will definitely send a message though, it's not every day a good chunk of states wants to break off from the US.

    Thanks for the share blade.!.

  3. Chyeah time to form our own country guys!
  4. Secession movements happen all the time. Here in AZ every few years there's a movement for Southern Arizona to form it's own state, and it never goes anywhere.

    But, I think it would be cool to see states secede from the union provided they restore constitutional rights, and prohibit all legislation that usurps those rights.

  5. I def agree with you, almost seems like this is a result of Romney losing the election which as you know would be hardly any different than having Obama in the first place.

    But i will keep my fingers crossed. :D
  6. And we thought those military militia guys were nut jobs. Lock and load boys, the rebellion is on.
  7. Anybody know how common these are? Sadly this will never happen
  8. Waaah Waah! Our guy lost so we're going to secede! Waaah!
  9. Although I fully support secession, I doubt it will go anywhere at this time.

    But it will happen someday, IMO, despite whoever tries to stop it. Empires always break up sooner or later.

    The land mass is too big to be ruled over by a central authority as it is now. Federalism obviously has not worked. Even Thomas Jefferson thought that it was too big back when the US only went to the Mississippi.
  10. What do you think about Quebec wanting to become it's own country?
  11. fine with me. Just leave the borders open and I dont see anything wrong with that. Give them there share of the military. We split the nukes up 10 nukes per million people for each state.

  12. who cares...it's Quebec after all...:p
  13. *Secede

    It will never happen, lol.
  14. and how about one nuke = one electoral vote in the NWO system. Every million people are designated there nuke/mascot, and a computer manages and randomly assigns you to a vacant nuke nearby.
    This way we can have votes filled out at ICBM launchpads.
  15. Any group has the moral right to secede from a larger nation. The founders of this nation certainly believed it, because that's what the Revolutionary War was all about: seceding from Britain.

    But since The War of Northern Aggression (1861-65) that right has been bashed and trashed. It has been brainwashed out of modern thought, except for a few of us radicals who remember history.
  16. Yes it will, we just don't know when. Could be in 20 years, could be 100. But it will happen.
  17. Hell yes, it has begun. Just waiting for Tennessee to start this. I shall sign.
  18. Awesome. Where do I sign up?
  19. It's funny, the people who swear they love this country the most are the first to abandon it at the drop of a hat.

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