15 Plant Grow Leaf Edges Curling Up Ward?

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    PLANTS: 15in

    POT SIZE: 2-1/2 gal pot

    LIGHTS: 1000 HPS

    TEMP: 79-89

    LIGHT HIGHT: 15in away

    SOIL: coco soil

    NUTES: A-B nutes every 2 days

    WATER: R/O water PH at 6.0

    RUNOFF WATER PH: 5.0 PPM's 665

    this is a 15 plant grow the leaves are curling upwards on the sides like a taco not all of the plants are curling just 1/4 of them. whats wrong with them.

    is it cause the ph runoff is so low at 5.0?

  2. leaf edges are curling because temps are to high
    down the temps to 75-78 it will make a big difference
  3. you might want to back that 1000w off a little bit. 15 inches is close for that big of a light. i would move it out to 20-24" and see if that helps. looks like you might have a little light burn going on too.
  4. Did their suggestions help? My plant looks exactly like yours except im in week 7 of 9. Came out of nowhere.
  5. i was also wondering if your plants got better. Your ph is also really low for soil. The run-off should be 6.8 so i would start wattering with a ph of 7.8 or throw some dolomite lime in the soil which will help stabalize the ph and bring it up to around 7.
  6. I know this is an old thread but I've been looking into Coco coir since I've started out with it, and I when came across this I figured someone else might too.
    6.8 is high from what i've read and been told about coco coir, between 5.5 and 6.5 is best conditions for growing in it. I have come across these numbers many times in my research on the product.

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