15 and 16 year old ninjas get arrested for stealing jewelry

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    The three teenagers in hooded black outfits were scampering over rooftops, climbing trees "just like a squirrel," and breaking into houses and cars, police said. But they weren't quite as slick as their Japanese ninja heroes.
    Earlier this summer, an officer chased one of the wannabes across a school rooftop, but the youth leaped into a nearby tree, said police Chief Ken Lewis.
    Breaking branches on the way down, "he gave a yelp of pain," and then he scrambled away, Lewis said.
    Last week, after months of investigation, police arrested three teens, two 15 and one 16, and seized stolen jewelry, burglary tools, a map of the city and several black ninja suits with hoods and climbing spikes. The parents of one told police their son complained of an injury about the time of the rooftop chase, Lewis said.
    "I believe that's our roof-gliding ninja," said Lewis. Lewis said one of the three indicated they had been active for a year and a half, and the pranks escalated from flights across rooftops and petty vandalism.
    Lewis said the teenagers used a stolen credit card to buy, online, costumes and equipment such as hand-climbing spikes, metal throwing stars and utility belts.
    Police got their first clue to the activity seven months ago, Lewis said, when an anonymous caller referred to the ancient Japanese martial arts masters trained for covert operations and assassinations.
    "He wanted to know if it was OK for his kid to dress up in a ninja costume and run around in the middle of the night and climb on top of roofs," said Lewis. "We told him that would be both dangerous and illegal. We never heard from him again."

    That's really crazy...I've heard a lot of various ninja in the news lately it seems haha.
  2. haha that's awesome
  3. Whats funny is this type of thing happened in the time of the real ninja. Thieves would dress like "ninja" in order to intimidate anyone they confronted. These impostors clouded the knowledge about the ninja and helped their secrecy prosper. If it were real ninja they wouldn't get caught. A policeman would see and ninja and not know it was a ninja.
  4. Fake-ass ninjas can't hang with real ninjas.

    At 16 I was regularly blunted, not running around roof tops with my buddies dressed in ninja attire. Still, these kids are probably pretty cool. It's harmless....

    just let it ride, police. c'mon.
  5. Lol. Wow.
  6. tl;dr they're obviously not ninjas if they got caught.

  7. Hahaha! I just pictured that in my head. But yeah, they're definitely not ninja's.
  8. I believe that Hatsumi sensei (leader of the Bujinkan and ninjutsu today) doesn't speak out against these fake ninjas in the world because they put a cloud of misconception around the truth. This hides knowledge away from people who could misuse it.
  9. real ninjas can climb toothpicks and skewers
  10. Those kids have some snitch parents. My dad doesn't approve of a lot of the things I do, but I know if cops came to his house asking questions about my activities and stuff he wouldn't say anything, let alone something that incriminating.
  11. wow. 1 yrs activity or so. thats pretty stealthy for kids. i give them kudos. But To all villains demise they always fall.

    they should of skipped town, started again there. Skip town again. and do that. make it impossible for them to track you, Make most of your crimes if your going to commit them. Why not, you going to get caught. Take it to the max...
  12. My dad wouldn't incriminate me either. That is a pretty lame thing of him to do to say the least.
  13. That's pretty old. Like years old. And you didn't link the source, probably for this reason.
  14. I really do love how someone referred to them as Masters who were trained for covert operation and assassination lol :smoke:
  15. I didn't link the source because I don't have the link. My sensei in my ninjutsu sends out a newsletter with these stories included. I was reading it last night and thought I'd share the story because I found it very funny.
  16. Cop is lucky he didn't meet the business end of a nunchuck on that rooftop.
  17. In other news:

  18. Hahaha ninja my dude nah, real ninja's never give up the operation to non-ninja's.

    This single thread contains the largest amount of shenanigans for a given post count, so yes the correct answer is Shenanigans! :smoke:

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