14w CFL daylight..

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  1. How many do i need??:confused:
  2. 14w 2700k (im assuming) i would say 3-4 per plant one on top two on sides
  3. hey! I was using the same lights, I had 4 14 watt cfl lights. But I went to walmart and found a 55watt CFL for 14 bucks, a socket that comes with hangers and reflector for 10 bucks, so for $25 you get the same lumens as 40-50 bucks of others stuff.

    I noticed my seedlings didnt root properly under the 14w lights and I had them 5 inches away. But I could hang one light buld over like 4 of them and them love it

    Check out the setup I have now, I only spent about $80 bucks on the whole shabang

  4. I used two 14w LEDs.

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  5. Can i use six 120v 14w watt equivalent to grow one plant.. 900lumens and shit

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