14mm fanclub, why you like it better than 18mm

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  1. well i just noticed that i have not seen a topic like this yet. who here likes 14mm female better than 18mm female? why?

    me personally because i find it packs more of a punch when you pull the slide and i feel it works great with straight tubes and allows just the right amount of airflow. not too little not too much
  2. I can't say I prefer it because I don't own any 18mm but all my stuff is 14mm. I'm working on a proper milk vid to show you all the power of 14mm!
  3. My inlines a 18mm..
    Its nice and THICK... no homo
  4. i like 18mm most honestly, more air flow;) I have ice pinch slides in both sizes but i like 18mm most.

    Not a damn thing wrong with 14 mm tho;)
  5. It really depends on tube and what kind of airflow I want.

    On a 2 chamber, or single chamber + ashcatcher, I like to use 18mm to increase airflow. But on single chambers, oil tubes, etc, 14mm flows great sometimes.

    Also, a lot of sick slides are 14mm, so I try not to let the size of the joint determine if I want to buy it or not.
  6. 18 is so much better, but why not just have both i do
  7. no preference really...maybe selection but not even that big of a deal. id prefer the thicker glass just based on the price id spend vs breaking it haha.
  8. I've never had something with a 14-14 downstem.
    All of my tubes have 18 size joints but 14 size slides cept my old 2footer which is 18-18 and a stemless tube I have that's just 14.

    I'm not a fan of tall tubes so an 14mm sized slide works well and clears fast.
  9. im talking about using an 18-14 everybody. lol. or whatever your piece is. just why you like 14. i like the the fact that it protects the downstem a bit better tho.
  10. um.. i like own a mini inline 14mm perfect size for it also own a roor 18mm works great i think it depends on sizes...of pieces,:smoke:
  11. If you want drag go 14mm. A clean crisp hit, 18mm.
  12. I noticed artist who make both 14mm and 18mm, make their 18mm slides more elaborate then the 14mm even tho they are the same price in most cases and 18mm seem to be more common.I currently own 2 14mm hopefully in the future il get around to get a straight tube thats 18/18.:)
  13. at the point of having a high end straight tube and a DD lw slide, im not really worried about drag. i have 14 mm, just because thats what the cheap 7mm tube i wanted was. but id definitely go 18 if i bought another. for now though, i dont even notice. there is NO drag on my tube.
  14. protects the downstem?
  15. He's talking about a bushing/low-profile downstem. The male part of the downstem is 18mm and the female is 14.

    I certainly prefer the look of a bushing downstem but it all depends on the piece. A perc'd tube I prefer 18/18 but for instance in an oil bubbler I would definitely prefer the 18/14 downstem.
  16. I like 14mm because I mostly just smoke oil or water filter vapor when I'm using a piece. So for me its small volume 14mm pieces. 18mm is just to airy for my taste.
  17. if i could move on to a 18mm i would the airflow thing is true. im just broke ass for a new tube i was gonna get one not too long ago but i was like i should just wait.

    but i cant compare them...never tried the 18mm
  18. ya glass on glass on glass... protects the downstem?
  19. I have many of both, however my two heady slides, mike fro and royal are both 18's. I think I like 18 more but 14 is fun to hit but more heady options come in 14 so its actually a harder decision for me anyways, Ill probly end up just doing both.
  20. I have two 14mm slides and one 18mm.

    Luke Wilson Disc Diffused - 14mm
    Weed Star Crown (super cheap, got it as a backup) - 14mm
    Stock Weed Star Slide (with my dub bub 2.0) - 18mm

    I use the 14mm LW DD slide on my Weed Star dub bub 2.0 with a bushing adapter. I'm considering getting an 18mm LW DD slide to use with the bub, and just to have in general for when I get a nicer 18mm tube.

    As of my my LW DD slide is (obviously) my favorite, but maybe once I get the 18mm version that'll change.

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