14mm ears ever close?

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  1. So my ear is stretched to 14mm and doesn't look like it will ever close by itself or even shrink, anyone ever healed from a similar size? Thanks.
  2. If you go past 12.7mm (which you did) it wont close back to normal. So you'd have to get surgery
  3. Naw its not gunna close...
  4. Might shrink up a bit but they will probably never close completely. On the plus side the surgery to fix them is very simple.
  5. For some reason I thought of this
  6. Well, maybe you should of put that into consideration before stretching them to that size....

    I know this doesn't answer your question but it's still something you should've thought of if you're not willing to get the surgery/can't afford it.

  7. Yes, because no one ever does anything without weighing the consequences. I'm sure you and every other person has done something stupid without looking at what may be an outcome of what they are doing.

    OP: Yes, you will need surgery but it is a simple fix.
  8. True, and it's obviously too late for this guy but that doesn't mean someone else won't read what I posted and give it a second thought.
  9. simply put, gotta have them cut & sewn. Don't feel bad, i'm at an inch and i would love to have them closed but i've had them for 13 years now and everyone is so used to me having them that it would be weird for me not to have them.
  10. This is what I thought just curious if any blades have been lucky enough to have that size healed. Cheers dude.

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  13. I went to an inch, and was able to close back down to a 0g. It really depends on the individual, but at 14mm, it's highly unlikely they'll close.

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