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147 Police Officers Killed By Drug Lord

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ShoutMan, Jun 8, 2013.

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    147 police officers were killed by the most ruthless drug lord who would transport 2 tons narcotics everyday into USA.. Once he bombed a passenger plane to kill 2 informers, killing all 150 people on board the plane.
    4 Trucks Filled with Bodies' near USA
    All details here:

  2. Breaking news, Pablo Escobar lives again!
  3. This was 20+ years ago. Do you even history
  4. i agree the walking dead is a great show
  5. Changing all my social networking default pictures asap to help the cause dont worry we will catch this guy
  6. this nigga was the realest G
  7. Damn its like me in grand theft auto:p

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  8. As I was skimming through it all I could think is "What the fuck am I even reading?" Haha.
  9. 4 Trucks Filled with Bodies' Near USA
    Read there
  10. WHY THE HELL AM I READING THIS......... :hide:
  11. 147 people who died needlessly because we wont send support for the problems our national drug policy causes. I would hate us too. 
  12. Read "Killing Pablo" by the same guy that wrote "Blackhawk Down".

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