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$145 for quarter of dank of og kush

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bluedoggiant, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. #1 bluedoggiant, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2011
    So this guy who I've never actually bought from, but seen his shit and met him numerous times is charging me $145 for a quarter of og kush. It's $25 a g, and his shit is usually dank as hell, smelly and loaded with crystals. However, I'm doubting it's a good price, I've gotten bud from another dealer once for 120 and is on par with what he sells, it's danker than what I'd usually call dank, but am questioning it. I should also add he's delivering to me, he lives 5 min away, I don't have a car and it's hard to walk there. You guys think I should do it?

    I live in central MD

    Also of note a lot of my dealers have been racking up the prices for bulk buys lately, but this is the most expensive, by $5 and the dankest.
  2. I get quarters of really nice stuff for $110... So I guess it's all your call.
  3. fuck that ... i guess it would depend on where you live and the supply and demand thing but i have never paid that for anything
  4. That's way too expensive, unless you're in a federal maximum security prison and expect him to deliver:eek:. Is this American dollars?
  5. Sounds like he's taking you for a bit of a ride... Ain't inflation a bitch
  6. I haven't even paid more than $100

  7. bro you getting ripped if you look you could find a quter any where from 80-110:smoke:
  8. Anything over $120 is robbery
  9. Yeah anything over 120 no... u live 5 mins away but can't walk???
  10. You guys will never find a quarter under 120 in this area of dank. But this is danker than what you'd usually find, I highly doubt he'll even accept 130 given the high price, but I'm going to try 140.

    And of note, all my dealers have been racking up the prices for bulk buys.
  11. I pitty the fool who pays that price
  12. I pay $70 for a quarter of dank from a grower :smoke:
  13. That's some of the highest prices I've heard of too. Highest I've ever heard of was 120 a quarter and that's for TOP shelf medical. But I guess if money isn't a problem for you then it doesn't matter, and you can go ahead and try the best there is in your area. He is definitely making money off people.

    If you do get it come back and post pics and a smoke report :p
  14. sometime people cant find good deals. but to be honest weed is worth only as much as you will pay for it. IMHO the price changes person to person with almost every dealer ive ever delt with. If hes my friend ill get hooked up, if he doesnt like me the price will be jacked up or maybe he just thinks your dumb cause you bought it the first time, now its going to be that price untill you say u found someone else with cheaper prices

  15. Yes!!
  16. Damn 145? Idk what its like in your area, so if that's what dank costs, get it. But, that sounds like a huge rip off.
    I personally wouldn't pay over 120 and it'd have to be some crazy dank for that price. But, it's your call man
  17. Does the quarter suck your dick and make your sandwiches? If no, pay 60$ for it LOL. I get quarters of the dankest around here for 60-70$.
  18. around me that would be a ripoff.
    120 TOPS in my area.i usually snag them for a bill though as well as most people i know,but if you dont have a semi-decent hookup then you will see 120 more often.
    its your call but i would never fork over 145 for a quarter.
    someone somewhere is making BANK,off that 145$ quarter shit and i for one am not going to contribute to that.
  19. No way, I still wouldn't pay that much if I was buying from a dispensary.

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