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1420! Check out some new dank bud and some pics of my fav. setup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by debauch, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. So, this is my 1420 post. i wanted to do something special. heres some pics of the bud i got friday, and some of my favorite setup, simply my black label RooR and blue circular slide. i think its just one of the best hits that consistantly gets me baked. enjoy! :bongin:
  2. yeah..bomb chronicians.
  3. I know what you mean about best setups...i tooo got one....its my simple bong with this huge bowl i got....i always get so fucking baked,
  4. you got that funk man
  5. killer chronic it up! and congrats on the 1,420th post!
  6. very nice nuggets and bong
  7. amazing as always debauch +rep hey btw whats your name mean anyways jus curious haha?:smoking:
  8. BEAUTIFUL BUDS! and nice milk as well!
  9. de·bauch
    v. de·bauched, de·bauch·ing, de·bauch·es
    v. tr.
      1. To corrupt morally.
      2. To lead away from excellence or virtue.
    1. To reduce the value, quality, or excellence of; debase. See Synonyms at corrupt.
    2. Archaic. To cause to forsake allegiance.

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