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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by dorkyfatdude, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. yea thats good bud
  2. Doesn't look worth 25 but still smoke it :)
  3. Hey dorky, what instrument is that music for? (Nice name, friend!)

    I can't figure it out......

  4. thats gutar music most pepole ho smoke have a gutar hay is that your on music or just learing i play 12 string eltric acostic
  5. Looks like bass guitar to me, since theres only 4 strings.
  6. That's guitar music. Most people who smoke have a guitar. Hey, is that your own music, or just learning? I play 12-string electric/acoustic.
  7. looks like good bud.

    yeh, i think its bass too...

    i have 2 guitars: ovation acoustic-electric, and a fender strat, i pluck around on those occasionally, but i usually mess around on my turntables...
  8. thats bass

    i play guitar. i have a epiphone. it kicks ass. i need new strings though theyre all worn out already.

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