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  2. Smoke more

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  3. I think you have it backwards Jason. If your pipe packed with bud and hash doesn't get you high enough then you either have a high tolerance or unrealistic expectations. Instead of smoking more, take a break.
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  4. haha okay i see, thank you!! shit... i just realized that i wrote "low tolerance" i have no idea why i didnt realize it. i should have wrote high tolerance...
  5. Cause youre high
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  6. Eat an edible

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  7. It must be working at least a little, eh?
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  8. Try using a bong. Pipes for me are harsh and don't leave me feeling that high. Breaks are a good way as well
  9. i have tried that several times but i dont feel anything from it
  10. has it been proprely decarboxilated? if not, only 6-20% of the THC will be processed into 11-OH-THC (it is not the same, hence why edibles have that particular high)

    Edit: they will not even be absorbed in any way, the 80-94%, just go straight down to fecal matter and piss

    Also forgot to tag the source :smoke: sorry

    Cannabis and Cannabinoids
  11. So which is it? Low tolerance or high? Anyways if you already smoke hash then dabbing isnt gonna do much for you, its just a concentrate. People always act like dabbing is some crazy shit but as anyone knows, if you already smoke weed dabs arent really that crazy. Just a lot more cannabinoids per hit

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  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but a damaged lung would always absorb thc easier from concentrates (making you higher from the same amount of cannabinoid turned to vapor, cause you absorb more from each puff) than things with alot of plant matter (hash has quite alot still, unless it's full melt) ?
  13. Im not sure i understand the question but yes concentrates and wax have a lot more cannabinoids per hit than weed

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  14. Lol obviously. My meaning was more: since it contains more cannabinoids and less plant matter, a damaged lung (ex: from smoking too much) would absorb cannabinoids more easily (even if it's a smaller toke) than from weed?
  15. start smoking bongs and rolling joints, or be prepared to pack several bowls in your pipe each session.
  16. Have you ever dabbed? There is a major difference between good oil and hash and flower.
  17. I was referring to the comment about the damaged lung. I know what concentrates are.

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  18. This is what I was refering to. I guess I took the newest one to quote, anyway have you ever actually dabbed?
  19. Yeah but i prefer to top my bowl with wax/hash and melt it into the green.

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