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  2. You could go outside? I don't get why you're smoking inside if the smell bothers you. (not supposed to sound like an ass).
    Just corner hit and draw until there's no more smoke, then exhale through a spoof. When I go back home for breaks (I'm at a university), I just smoke by my window, and light a candle. There's a hint in the air but it's good after about 30 mins. The air flow in my room flows outside if I have the window open, so I got very lucky :pimp:
    Either that or I smoke a blunt on my balcony with my cat (who is not partaking in the burning of trees lmao) and watch the pond
  3. Just as soon as your done inhaling put your fingers over the holes of the smoke, smoke buddies are basically useless as there will always be some form of smoke.
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  5. OHHHHHH I thought you meant you had like a person who was smoking with you!!! Lmao! Well I'll be honest with ya, I'd just open your balcony door, plug your door to the other parts of the house/apt (assuming you're not in a studio apt), and just try to smoke as close to being outside as possible if you really want to minimize the smell. Make sure you check the direction of the air flow as well with a lighter (cuz if it's blowing right back in, it's gonna smell up your whole room. Sometimes it'll suction the smoke out like it does in my case). I know I'm not too helpful cuz I'm a little stony rn, but I wish you the best of luck dude!

    I'm not certain what your reasoning is for not liking smoking on the balcony, but if it's an anxiety, look up the psychology term "Imaginary Audience." Very common effect/syndrome in teens and young adults.
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  7. Pack one hitters. Single lungful hits. So that you burn every bit of ganja to ash. If you hit it lighter and lighter towards the end you won't suck in ash.

    Exhale the hit through a small tube like from a paper towel roll and out the window. If you shut the window so it is just open enough to set the end of the cardboard tube against the screen then you get little to no blow back.

    Keep your pipe clean. All that resinous shit that clollects in the pipe from smoking ganja stinks, even if you don't smell it. You can put a glass pipe in alcohol and let it soak an hour to over night depending on how dirty it is. A mason jar is ace for this because you can keep the rubbing alcohol in he mason jar between uses and also use it to soak that pipe in. A zip lock Baggie does it in a pinch.

    Keep your pipe in something like a mason jar or zip lock Baggie between uses so it won't stink. A mason jar needs to be cleaned every week a zip lock Baggie needs to be replaced twice a week or more depending on how bad it smells.

    Make a sploof to exhale through by stuffing an empty water bottle full of dryer sheets and poke a large hole or a bunch of small ones in the bottom. Now exhale through it and out the window. A cardboard tube full of dryer sheets works too.
  8. Blow your smoke out the window, and when your done fan the air with a pillow or something else flat. Keep your piece in a bag or 2 as they actually smell the most after a sesh.
  9. As soon as you get done with the bowl put the palm of your hand over it to extinguish the ember without burning your hand. Exhale then before removing palm suck the rest of the leftover smoke out. I do this all the time to save bud but it can get a bit hot.

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  10. Something my friends and I used to do was find an appropriate-sized coin (washed) to plug the top of our bowls. Then just clear it out like SmokNtoKemRobots said

    Just something different to keep the heat down :smoking:
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  11. If your using a pipe with big bowls there will always be extra smell. Even if u corner it the bowl will still be cherried and smoke will escape. Try a bong with snaps. Then u can just blow the smoke outside or even a sploof will mask the smell
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  12. use a card to extenguish while sucking all the smoke until after its out.

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