1400 watts of HPS...one bigg bitc*

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    ok i finally got around to making a journal. luckily i had taken pics from my entire grow. and i KNOW it looks like i used tin foil, but its not, its brushed 2mm aluminum. im about 2-3 weeks into flowering (one plant is 2 weeks one is 3 1/2 weeks flowering).
    ...i have 1 afghan and 1 aussie blues flowering right now
    my set up...
    started with 1-2'x3' box lined with brushed 2mm aluminum
    2-48'' 40 watt flourescent 4100K 3150 lumens per tube
    10-23 watt 6500K 1600 lumens each
    1-4-12-4 liquid nute foliar spray
    1-3-10-4 liquid nute w/ rooting hormone
    1-10-15-10 liquid nute
    1-calcium&magnesium lime flush
    lights on a 18/6 schedule
    extended box to 3'x5' because plants GREW
    1-400watt HPS
    2-150 watt HPS
    10-70 watt HPS placed around the plants as supplimental lighting
    1-4-12-4 liquid nute foliar spray
    1-3-10-4 liquid nute w/ rooting hormone
    1-0-43-0 bloom powder
    1-15-30-15 bloom booster
    ...i had to add this edit because i forgot about the 20lb co2 canister and the dehimidfier. humidity around here is always around 50%

    right before preflowering i topped my afghan plant and cut the fan leaves because they were blocking the internodes. it did slow the flowering process but it kept booming in growth. so im not disappointed. i have 3-afghan clones, 2-aussie blues clones (didnt top aussie blues), and got 1-medibud clone from a friend. i used the foliar spray every other day (it never got nute burn) and 2 weeks progressively from weakest to strongest nutes. my aussie blues is about 30'' tall and about 10'' wide. my afghan is about 3 feet wide and 40'' tall. heres the pics... i started out with 6 plants.
    these are in order of growth...

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  2. hey man im new to this shit and just wondering if u can help me out where u get ur lights?
  3. which lights do you mean? i got everything except the 1-400 watt hps and the 2-150 watt hps at lowes. the 400 and 2-150's came from a website... damn i dont have the link on this computer. ill get on my laptop and send it to you as soon as i can. its a website that sells refurbished HID light systems. the best part is they have the exact same warranty that these new HID lights have. but theyre a lot cheaper and they do come with reflector and the bulb. warranty-2yr standard-5yr for an extra $50.

    the 48'' flourescent with the bulbs was $20
    the cfl's are just $6 clamp lamps with $3 socket splitters and a 4 pakc of 6500K cfl's for $10
    the 70 watt HPS were on closeout sale for $8 a piece. i have 13 but only use 10. (if i could figure out how to use paypal id sell the other 3)

    ...the only disclaimer i have is the cfl's i got from lowes had to be returned 3 times. some bulbs just didnt work, one exploded when i turned it off, and some just died off after like 2 weeks. but i think i just got a bad batch. they work fine now.
  4. wow man pretty sik setup!!

    whats up with the update??

    let keep this thred rollin.:D:smoking:

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