1400 watts 4 girls?

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  1. So I have a 400w lumatek switchable mh/hps with a 6'' air cooled hood.

    In addition I have a magnetic 1000w MH that has a 6'' air cooled hood.

    my plan is to run just the 1000w MH for vegging and then when I switch to 12/12 I am going to add the 400 watt with the HPS bulb to give out the extra light spectrum.

    My question is, with 4 plants and 1400 watts, is that over kill? or am I just going to get a higher quality product? I will have good genetics plant wise.
  2. more watts=more yield

    but the only thing i would change during flowering is to have the 1k watt hps and the 400 mh
  3. i have 4 ladies under my 250 watt hps. my set up sounds inadequate compared to yours:(.

    how long do you plan to veg?
  4. Wattage per sq/ft is what matters. 20 is the minimum, 50 is beautiful.
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    thats a no can do since the ballast i have cant take conversion bulbs :(

    hahaha although youre more efficient then i am, 100 watts for the first plant then 50 for every addition, so you should get kill smoke too.

    after clones have rooted I give 2 weeks in DWC then switch to 12/12 and dont start my flush until I see my trichs develop to my specifications, then I do a 2 week flush with R/O water that is PH`d to 5.8

    But my question being is that, say if I had 250 watts per sq/ft what would my benefit be?

    Obviously yield and density of the bud, but what about quality? is that more based on genetics? or will I gain potency/smell/flavor ETC shearly because of the strength of lights and the spectrum I have?
  6. i believe 100 w/sqr ft is max w/sqr ft i believe,and maybe slightly overkill, and quality and potency are like 75% genetic, the other 25% is enviromental conditions and the grower

    and how does your ballast not take conversion bulbs, i thaught all mh ballasts could take a hps conversion bulb?and vice versa
  7. You can never have too much light. No matter how much light your putting off your plant will grow wider, taller, whatever it needs to do to absorb all the light that it can.

    As long as it isn't getting hot (plenty of ventilation and fans going) you can have however much light you want, literally. I've seen one plant grown under 1000w MH/HPS and it just got really wide to absorb the full radius of light. One of the highest yielding plants I've ever seen without Srcog or anything.
  8. actually iremember a test being done a while back where two plants from clone were grown in the exact same conditions, only diff was the light, one was grown at 100 w/sqr ft and the other was grown at 125 w/ sqr ft. and there was litterally no diff in yield.this is why i say its overkill past 100w/sqr ft, because it would be wasted light, i would love to post a link to the test, but it was done on the old OG forums, so i dont know where to start to look for it, but i do remember the guy who did the tests that really 85-100w/sqr ft is optimal, anything past that is just wasted light
  9. If I could squeeze another light in any space I'd do it. Getting over 100w sq/ft would be hard, that would be 10 lights in a 10x10 area. I run 62.5, doubt it will go much higher.

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