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14-year old hoe bag

Discussion in 'General' started by Deadmaker7, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. This is why you dont do crack kids
  2. look at those lifeless eyes
  3. id probably bang her.

    shed have my fooled if the word how old never came up.
  4. wow what a dumb hoe
  5. in b4 pedophile joke.
  6. what a vixen
  7. Even Chris Hanson wouldnt touch this one...
  8. Somebodys gonna end up goin to jail....
  9. Why do we give a fuck again? Basically every kid looks like this nowadays.
  10. This makes me sad.
  11. Yep. Pretty accurate. Now, what's the point of this thread?

  12. As I was skimming the article I was thinking, the lady who's saying it's bad doesn't even give a shit. Dunno why they act like they care, when they clearly don't give a shit about the girl. I mean I don't either, the world is doomed anyway. I mean ima just light a joint and watch the world asplode :smoke:

  13. For real, and a good amount of them are already having sex, drinking, and many other "wrong" things at this age too.
  14. to lure pedophiles, op is secretly chris hansen:eek:

  15. Wait, hold on! This chick is real?! Aww...that's a damn shame. But hey, that's America for you! :D

    EDIT: I agree with yourcatdead. I'm gonna just light up an imaginary joint and let the world keep on fuckin itself.
  16. So she likes to fuck, what's the big deal?
  17. >Citing dailymail.uk
    not the most reliable source
    >4 boys in 6 months
    that's it?
  18. She needs to go on Maury.

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