14 y.o. gets plastic surgery...wtf?

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyMFYWRoZuk]Bullied Teen Gets Free Plastic Surgery - YouTube[/ame]

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    Wow how about some counseling or something?

    I got teased because I was fat and guess what?

    I work my ass off now and am 9% BF.

    We should get stronger from this shit man.

    Edit: How about they help out some burn victims or something. Damn this is ridiculous.
  3. wish they was around when i was young (i have a clef palate..and its still not repaired @ the age of 25):(

    but on topic.....what the hell man....those doctors sitting there telling her what she needs to look pretty......fuck that shit...she looked pretty before everything (no pedo lol :p )
  4. wont they just make fun of her for having a face made of plastic?
  5. Fuck that doctor. I hope his wife's boobs pop.
  6. [quote name='"NutsLikeKngKong"']wont they just make fun of her for having a face made of plastic?[/quote]

    I hope they do .....
  7. She looks better. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. And I can't believe anyone here is even suprised. We live in a fake world, why not make someone better looking, if it helps her self-esteem, then im all for it.
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    Why do people start a thread about something by providing a link to a story or video, and then simply say, "Discuss"?

    If they do not have any thoughts on the matter themselves, then what's the point of starting the thread?

  9. Beat me to it! I saw a video of a 6 year old rapper that was apparently legit :confused: So why should this surprise anyone?

    Nothing surprises me now.

    If aliens contacted us I would not be surprised.
  10. If it's free how can she complain?
  11. It doesn't surprise me so much as it saddens me... I'm slowly adjusting to the world we live in these days. Slowly, and with a bit of resistance. :p

    She has self-image issues, that's all there is to it. Not had... but has. It's not over.

    Sure, she can feign being happy now, but in six months or a year it will be something else.

    Even adults can become mentally and socially unstable due to the encouragement and pressures of unneeded plastic surgery, after they succumb, but encouraging it in a girl during her teenage years while she's learning right from wrong, and how she should judge herself and the people around her, is setting a very bad pace for her future mental stability.

    They've very likely turned what was once a normal, and an even reasonably pretty young girl, into a mire of doubt, and an upcoming plastic surgery nightmare.

    Let's remember that it started with her ears... and it finished, with ear, nose, eyes and jaw reconstruction.

    Let's all hope she was done growing and developing, and that they were somewhat modest with what they altered underneath the skin. Otherwise, she has some maintenance ahead that, once she's an adult, won't be paid for by a charity.

    "Nadia Isle, 14, of Georgia said being bullied about her appearance had caused her to become introverted and stopped her from socializing since a girl in her grade one class told her she had the biggest ears she had ever seen.

    In a desperate bid to help her daughter Nadia's mother searched the internet and came across the Little Baby Face Foundation, a charity that, 'helps children from around the world with facial deformities', and arranges for them to have reconstructive surgery. "

    Before, she looked like a normal 14 year old kid. Now, she looks like a 20-something.

    Which is why it's best just to wait... waiting to grow up is a bit better than starting a surgery fad that encourages children to look like adults, when we already have an issue with adults, struggling to look like children, using the same techniques.


    Isn't it lucky that physical abuse victims, and burn victims didn't qualify, or missed out, so this necessary surgery could occur.

    I'm sure there wasn't a single person in the country, heck, in the world who could have used those funds and procedures more, than the girl with slightly large ears.

    This girl had a problem, that could have been corrected, with a simple change of hairstyle and by waiting to grow into her ears. She was only 14 after all, and to be honest I've seen bigger ears on smaller children (her most recent 'before' photos, show her with her hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail... not exactly the most flattering style, for someone with ear insecurities).

    I think the reason it bothers me so much, on a personal level, is that she reminds me so much of an old friend who looked so much like her at that age, and eventually grew up into a gorgeous young woman, with many friends (and even more male callers :p ).

    It's just too bad that her parents were not only willing, and not only allowed this to happen, but they actually sought it out and encouraged it.

    It's too bad, because it pretty much sent her the message that she was, in fact, deformed to such a severity that it required corrective surgery. Which will of course do wonders for her already suffering self-esteem.

    Now with this publicity, we're going to have essentially equally normal children, looking at her before photos, and believing that 'society' really thinks she's so ugly and deformed, that this is OK... and they are going to begin questioning, and restructuring their own worth and self-image.

    What a world we live in. :eek:
  12. HONESTLY I hope the doctor fucked something up

    I agree with everything said from the post above me..what kinda bullshitass world do we live in where soilders or anyone is disfigured and just has to deal. But the Taylor swift hybrid "earboy" from All That gets a pass..

    3 words

    White Girl Power.

    ...I guess, I mean guarantee no other race..Hell no other gender would be catered to for something that time and meditation couldn't fix...

    fucking America...debt crisis..lets give a bitch a face job..wow..how about feeding 200bums with the money Dr.shitback blew for this big eared fuck.

    All who disagree I never want to hear you guys bitch and moan about how America is lame, dying, unfair, etc. To back this kind of shit tells me your capacity for anything is pretty fucking low...this is some bull ass shit.
  13. What the fuck? Lots of people look weird at age 14, she probably would have grown out of that awkward phase.

  14. Rather than insulting the girl by calling her a big eared fuck, you should be angry at the doctors and parents who told an insecure young girl that plastic surgery would make her pretty.
  15. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']

    Rather than insulting the girl by calling her a big eared fuck, you should be angry at the doctors and parents who told an insecure young girl that plastic surgery would make her pretty.[/quote]

    Your right but my anger starts at source..a insecure shitheaded Twittertrendinfacebookupdatingrasscityepenisorwhateverthethatgreenbaristhatfuckininsecurebladescryaboutmeasuring asshat with big fucking ears and a little acne..and I hope all doctors involved lie down a single knife blade side up. Climb up two stairs jump and headbutt the fuck out of that knifeblade until the pavement cracks or someone shits themselves from dying...

    There..fuck this

  16. Did you even read the article? It was her moms idea.
  17. I think it's very sad. Morphing your physical body to what others think is beautiful? Or what society portrays as beautiful?

    I think it's a serious problem with everyone involved. Their minds are just as morphed.

  18. I have a giant nose and got made fun of a lot as a kid. Instead of getting surgery to change it I just stopped caring and became completely numb emotionally... Thats the right way to deal with shit!
  19. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']

    Did you even read the article? It was her moms idea.[/quote]

    Doesn't change a thing..lemme see would her mom have not gotten it or wanted it if she hadn't experienced her daughter bitching(what you call suffering.)?

    Being a parents tough but love your kid so they know how to love themselves too man kids care about image. Edit:let's not get on gay teen suicides and suicides of teens in general

    Teen moms a popular show for a reason all I'm sayin...
  20. I don't see why so many people care so much. Sure it was shallow and I personally don't think she needed it.. but if she really felt that bad about it, and it's her body, and her parents approved... fuck it.

    But you guys are getting a bit too worked up with what someone does with their own body

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