14 vs 18mm Joints

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  1. I just got my first glass tube and i plan on getting an ashcatcher for it. How do I tell if the joint is 14 or 18mm? Where do I measure?
  2. stick a dime in the joint/ If it doesnt fit in you got a 14mm, if it goes in but gets stuck..18mm, and if the dime falls right through you most likely have a 29mm
  3. couldnt have said it better myself. lol.

    your most likely not going to have a 29 tho... they are way less common than 14mm or 18.
  4. Dime stays in it. Guess it's an 18mm. Thanks :smoke:
  5. if a dime stays in its 14mm.... 18 mm eats a dime and a quarter just sits ontop the joint
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    ^no, that is incorrect. You had me second guess myself so I tried the trick on my 18mm LW joint and the dime barely fit and I know for a 100% fact that joint is 18.8mm
  7. If the dime goes in just a little, it is 18. Most tubes are 18 I believe.

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