14 leaflet pot leaf

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by colamonster, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. HI i noticed today the top two leaves on my plant has 14 leaflets its like a double leaf anyone ever see this before? strain is white rhino female sexed seeds
  2. Its an alien
  3. Kill it quickly.
  4. That isnt weed! It isnt from earth at all! Kill it.... KILL IT NOW
  5. You need to kill that plant before the black hole develops and sucks your house in.
  6. Oh my GOD! You are going to die if you touch it with your bare hands again. It is extremely posionous
  7. Maybe it is mixed with a doublemint strain :cool::smoke:
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    Post a pix. I love to see it never heard of a 14finger leaf. It may be a genetic mutant grow it you may have a new strain.

    I have heard stories about polyploid cannabis plants but never seen one.

    Check out this polyploid bud
  9. OP grew space weed. This is how 2012 starts.
  10. Lol you sure it has 14 leaflets? And its not just small seperate leaves growing together. If its ontop of the plant Im assuming its going to grow into speprate single leaves.
  11. That polyploid bud makes me want to grow polyploid lungs!
  12. you would probobly get better luck getting your question answered in the growing section.
  13. I would love to see a picture of that 14 leaflets !
  14. Ive had a plant with only 3 leaves before. its smoked just as great as the others lol;)
  15. i had one with 17 leafs but thought nothing of it and didnt take any pics because its not unusual. LMAO prove it! most i seen reach 12 maybe 13 but not fully formed.
  16. i had a plant with 9 stems once:eek::D
  17. I had a plant w/ 2 colas and a dr pepper

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