14" HVY with Medicali ashcatcher help

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  1. So i just got a sick bong, a 14" HVY with a beaker bottom, tree perc, diffuser, ice notches, and a medicali ashcatcher, but I noticed that whenever I take a hit, some water from the ashcatcher gets pulled into the bong water chamber. The problem here is that after a few hits, the water in the ashcatcher is already below the diffused downstem so I have to go and add water to the ashcatcher. Is there anything that I can do about this or does this happen to everyone? Maybe I'm just retarded and I'm pulling too hard but I don't think that's the case.

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    put slide from ac - slowly clear the ac - then pull it out the a/c like you would w/ a slide, then while still inhaling, clear the tube.
  3. That's called spillback, and it's a major flaw in a whole lot of A/Cs. Just gotta do it like r0xey says.
  4. That's annoying as shit. I guess I'll have to get used to doing it the long way, lol
  5. Or just put the smallest amount of water in it with it still working, and just be a little easier on it when clearing. Unless you'd have to pull really light and take a minute to clear the hit.
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    I get too much splashback with my RooR aschatcher that I don't even bother to use it any more.

    P.S. I got the same bong as you! :hello:
  7. I think I'll probably still use the ashcatcher cuz I want to keep my glass clean but yeah it's a sick bong. Hits like a champ. Thick as shit too, 9 mm, so it's less likely to break when one of my retarded stoner friends drops it.
  8. Looks sick man, how much did it run ya?
    I'd say try to keep it as upright as possible when your taking hits.

    Edit: FUck, just realised this is an old thread lol

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