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  1. Hey guys, I've got a question. I am planning on doing an indoor and outdoor grow this year. Would it be feasible to veg at 14 hrs for roughly 2 months and when, the risk of last frost is over ( roughly mid May), transplant some outdoors and then increase the light to 18 hrs over a couple weeks for the remaining plants? My indoor area will only accommodate 2-3 plants srogged but I'd like to take advantage of the 12 plant limit.
  2. Basically, you're asking if you can start your plants inside and then transplant outside when frost danger is over. And the answer is yes. But no need for a 14 hr. light schedule. Light is the key to everything good with a MJ plant, so if you're vegging, just veg for 24 hrs. Nothing will happen with your plants until you reduce the hours of light down to 12 on/off...which triggers bud. Until you get ready to do that, give them all the light possible during the veg phase. Be very careful before putting your plants outside and make darn sure that the hours of light are well over 12. The light has to be strong enough for the plant to discern it and I flowered some at the beginning of the grow season once because I thought there were enough hours of light to keep them from going into bud. Even though I considered it to be light outside, it must've not been light enough for the plants. But yes, we do that too when we do some outdoor plants. You'll never beat the sun as your light source and the yields will be dramatically better with a plan grown in the sun compared to one grown indoor under artificial light. But light is the key to getting the most off a plant in any situation. Best of luck! TWW
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  3. 14 on 10 off depending what strand they may start to flower . so you know .
  4. Thanks TWW. But I thought that if you start indoors under a long light schedule and bring outside where the sunlight times are considerably less, they will be tricked into start flowering early and then go back to veg when it realises that the days are actually getting longer, which could result in a smaller harvest than if it never started early flowering. There is about 14 1/2 hrs sunlight in mid May when I was planning on moving them outside. So I was trying to closely match the lighting to reduce stress. Do you think 14 1/2hrs of sunlight would be enough for the plant to not flower early?

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