14 day old seedling status -xplant ready?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Ive done lots of research prior from basically germination to harvest . This was a bag seed and any yield is a bonus , I'm enjoying the journey of my very first indoor grow regardless of outcome. My seedling is currently 13 days old and I was just wondering what others thought of her(hopefully) currently. I was planning on transplanting to a slightly bigger pot tomorrow. I know its kind of hard to see under the lights but its a nice green color and no abnormalities that I have noticed.

    - soil is FFOF
    - Light is provided 18/6 (300W led i think output is 108w)
    - Watering with Ph of 6.3ish room temp water when pot is light - got pretty good with the weight method
    - Humidity is 45-50's and temps are usually 75-85ish - you can see the dishes to raise humidity
    - Intake fan and clip on oscillating fan inside
    - No exhaust fan just top vent is open as the grow tent is 24x24x48

    Any tips or suggestions appreciated

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  2. You could transplant now, no problem
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  3. Exhaust fan is more important than an intake fan also you are gonna definitely want to upgrade your light for flower
  4. I did that today, note to self never use a tera cotta container again. I will be using solo cups moving forward.
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  5. Thanks for info
  6. Nice size to transplant.
  7. Good choice. Solo cups are really easy to transplant from. Just remember to cut drain holes in the bottom of the cup. Here's the easiest way I've found.
    20190715_020730.jpg 20190715_020735.jpg 20190715_020915.jpg

    This is another option.
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  8. some updates , day 18 - are they small for 18? How do they look overall.
    I think i made the mistake when transplanting not putting enough soil in.

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  9. Fill that soil half inch from the top

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  10. Where you have dirt now stand a solo cup up in the middle fill with dirt tap dirt lightly then pull solo cup out that will leave you a hole to put transplant

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  11. A year and a half too late mate.

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