14 CFL's need help??

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    PICS BELOW. Im using 8 5000k 23 watt cfls and 6 6500k 23 watt cfls. Should that be ok for the vegging stage? i know the 6500k are good but what about the 5000k? were gonna switch to 2700k for flowering and we have 14 light sockets in a homemade reflector. we have 7 seedlings under 14 lights right now 322 watts. And were using tap water from the well and we let it sit for atleast 24 hours before using that water. would it be worth it to or make a big difference if we switched to distilled water?
  2. I believe anything over 4100k is okay for vegging. Although I think the best spectrum you would want is through 6500k. I've seen people use 4100k and have phenomenal results. I dont know about 5k though. Wouldnt hurt to try.

    You should also look for the CFL spectrum table.
  3. 1 week in. 14 cfl's under that bad boy

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  4. thanks man. other users please comment
  5. Anything above 3500 is suitable.
    Metal halides start at 3100 just so you know. 14 of them might be over kill at this point though. Why not try buying 1 bigger bulb? I got 2 68 watt 2700 k cfl's for supplemental lighting to my hps
  6. On my first grow, I used a mixed spectrum and had good results. Just mix them up and you'll be fine. I even had 2700k in a 1 to 3 ratio with 5000 and 6500. One thing I noticed from your pics "We need more perlite" good drainage gets oxygen to the roots. Get a cheap moisture meter ($10) water when "DRY" and then let it dry, to the bottom before you water again. Don't feed nutes for at least 3 wks. then dilute at least 1/2 what is recommended, water in between nute feeds.
  7. Thanks for everyones input. this is my 3rd grow and the first 2 times we used fox farm organic soil. this time its some other potting soil with vermiculite mixed in. first 2 grows were great so we'll see how this one is with different soil and time released fertilizer in it. does any one have any ideas about the first few weeks of veg stage the plants getting a sustained amt of fertilizer? were doing this in an attic so we always have to check on the heater to make sure it is the right temp. light cycle is 18/6 now should we think about humidity? ill keep uploading pictures every week.

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