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14.5 bowl recomendations!?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by TheStonedKid, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I'm getting my first bong (250ml ehle w/ ice pinches) and I hear the stock bowl has a big hole. Does anyone know a good 14.5 weed star, roor, g-spot, etc. Bowl with a good hole? So far I'm prob. Getting an ehle diffuser which seems like a good choice? But it says recomended diff. Length is 10.5cm but I'm getting the 11 cause that's closest there is in stock, either that or a 10cm and I think .5 bigger is better then .5 shorter rite? But I was going to get a root narrowing bowl but I'm not wasting 25-30$ on a bowl rite now. And do glass gauze's work good? Do they clog presure? Thanks guys.
  2. I wouldn't get a bowl from that site if I were you, it should come with a glass guaze, you may wanna order another one just in case. The stock bowl w/guaze will have more airflow than a regular push (small hole) bowl. Your next purchase should be somewhere other than the site you ordered the ehle from and just buy a 14.5mm push/ice pinch/disc diffused bowl, peace.
  3. Oh yeah, you should be fine with that diffy length, and the bowl w/guaze does require you to clean it almost every sesh, but that's a good habit anyway if you don't already do it. I ALWAYS rinse my nice glass after sesh's and just use a ziplock with iso & salt to soak it in for 30 seconds, rinse and it's all done!! When you clean it often like that you can reuse that same iso & salt bag indefinitely until it starts turning brown, peace.
  4. Why don't u recomend a bowl from that site? And yeah I usually clean my stuff after I use it I'm already in that habbit, with my bowl I just pour rubbig alcohol in it and shake it up then pour it out n rinse. But yeah I hope the gauze is fine in the reg bowl and it doesent look dumb but it just sucks cause w a gauze the ash wount fall tru =\ do u have any 14.5 bowl bongs u have with nice bowls u can pack that doesn't just suck in green bud tht isn't ash yet?
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    The only bowl that will allow 100% ash to pull thru is a push and I say no to that site because the price/selection/shipping on bowls is disappointing. Look at my bubbler in the "Looking for a bubbler, show me your pictures!" thread just a few threads down and check out the push bowl on my hedman headies. $37 shipped from etsy. That is why I say just go with stock slide on this particular order, peace.
  6. Jeeze 37$ but if that's shipping included thts not too bad, on tht site they have some cheap weed star ones, the "cone" shaped ones and the upside down pyramid looking ones but idk how the hole is I tryed looking up reviews on google n utube but can't find anything, and the stock roor bowls like 14$ those r good aren't they?
  7. Dude, $37 shipped is cheap on bowl like that and it's us made with us glass. Your preferences indicate push bowl all the way. Any bowl on the ehle site that says "push" will suit you just fine, peace.
  8. Alrighty brah, thanks a lot for your input I appreciate it.:smoking::smoking:

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