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14.5? 18.8? 29.5? What do these numbers mean?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Stevie Ray Bong, May 5, 2009.

  1. ...in terms of glass.

    I know they have something to do with the joint/downstem whatever. Does each bong have a certain number you need to buy all extra accessories at that same number? Like a 14.5 with a 18.8 wouldn't work or what???

  2. All GonG (glass-on-glass) pieces have a certain size joints(the part where the bowl and downstem connect to the bong). Those sizes are 14.5mm, which is average, 18.8mm which is a bit bigger, and 29.2mm which is a size only used on the biggest bongs. Why bigger sizes? A bigger sized joint allows for a much bigger pull. While there are various adapters you can buy, all the fittings you buy for a piece will mostly be all the same size.
  3. good explanation dude, i was wondering the same thing +rep
  4. Thank you sir! +rep

    So the most common joint size I'll run into is 14.5?
  5. 14.5 and 18 are pretty common, don't see too many 29's around though
  6. Yeah, the only bongs I know of that use the 29.2 are some of the Elhe 1000s and 2000s and the RooR Zumos. They look fucking sick, probably clear like crazy, my US Tubes is an 14.5 and it hits like a beast.
  7. How do you know which you have?
  8. I thought thouse numbers ment the height of the bong.
  9. Yeah I've always wondered, where is this measured or how would I find out what size to buy?
  10. 14.5-29.5mm = very short. lol

    Maybe if they were cm, but the 14.5 is very distinct for, as already said, glass joints.
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    The easiest way to figure it out with total accuracy would be with calipers, which are a little hard to come by. The easiest way is to go to a shop, remembering what yours looks like. Or there will pretty much be a smaller one, and a larger one, and if they have 29.2s those will be massive.

    My US Tubes has a 18.8-14.5 bushing diffuser; meaning the joint size is 18.8 but the bowl size is 14.5; I really don't have any drive to get a full size 18.8 diffuser. The tube gets a massive pull so don't fully rely on joint size alone. How the downstem diffuses (or doesn't) has a big effect on the overall pull of the bong.
  12. It isn't that 14.5 is the most common, it is that 14.5 and 18.8 are the standard joints used for every day glass on glass bongs.

    some people like the 14.5 because you have more control of the air flow and can slowly drag the hit nice and slowly.

    the 18.8 is where you can fit more smoke and still have enough time to get a final breath of air to take the final rip and suck it all in because there is more air flow.

  13. what does Joint Size: 18.8 mm > 14.5 mm mean?
  14. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think that means that the bongs joint is size 18, but the downstem reduces and then fits a 14 size slide.

  15. thanks
  16. my 29 is gigantic.

    i love it.

    messias illusion from GC,

    best bong for the price ive ever bought i love weed star.
  17. bump
    So I just bought a bong from grasscity that says the joint size is 29.2mm >18.8mm diffuser downstem.  I want to buy a precooler to attach to it and its joint size is just 18.8mm will that still fit?  

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