14/20 quartz nail for enail

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by fullsnack, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. I recently purchased an e nail that should be here by thanksgiving but I need a nail and I was considering a quartz nail. Currently I'm looking at a daballstars nail at just under $50. But i was wondering if I could get different suggestions here or better (not sure if a Ti nail would be better) my price range is just over 100, thank you all in advance
  2. Is the quartz your looking at compatible with your enail?

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  3. Yes they're sold with quartz nails themselves but didn't get it in the model I wanted, looking for a 14mm female for a 20mm coil, maybe a male attachment but not sure sometimes they don't fit my rig..
  4. In all honesty I don't have an enail. But TI seems to be the way to go. You can get an infinity nail for 100 on glass groups on FB that would be your best option IMO but you would need a flat coil for that unless you got the Enail insert for it. Even then I think that's for a 16mm coil. Id hit up a blower for a custom one.

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  5. I was digging the infinity too but yeah G it's for 16mm coils I'd need to go for one made for d nails or a banger or most quartz, I don't know enails well either it's my first one but that's what the dude who made it told me. I came across two options not by narrowing down but bc that's all I found (guess I'm not googling the right terms?). Basically all I could find is a $35 quartz nail from ebay, a ~$50 daballstars quartz nail guaranteed 100% quartz, or a beaglepuck(?) Quartz nail at ~$50 from ebay (i forgot i found a 3rd option. I couldn't even find a banger for enails,and didn't really delve into the ti
  6. Could you recommend a glass group? Might think about contacting a blower that never even crossed my mind,hope the dude I know can work quartz
  7. I think I'm just going to get the daballstars for now, I'd still appreciate input though I have no qualms investing in a sweeter one down the road. Peace be with y'all.
  8. I'll DM you some info

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  9. Good looking out
  10. Only buy quality TI man.

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