14/14 downstem help?

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  1. Sorry if there's already a thread for questions like this. Just scooped an 18" roor beaker; the downstem on it is pretty much dunzo, and it's a 14/14mm, so I'm having some trouble finding a replacement stem (much less a super dope showerhead one). I checked a local glass spot and ******* online, but no luck so far. Can anyone help me out?
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  3. do you need it to have a roor label/be a roor? Also- what kinda tip are you looking for? a shower head/straight shooter/ 4arm/ slits?
  4. Naw it doesn't have to be Roor, I just wasn't sure if some Roor tubes specifically needed a Roor stem. I'm lookin for any dope filters, ideally a showerhead, honeycomb, or somethin dope like that. I just realized its actually a 14.5/14.5
  5. that means 14.

    Also- i have never seen/heard of a 'honeycomb' downstem. . . . a perc maybe
  6. HiSi makes honeycomb downstems.

    14/14 isn't a super common downstem size. So you might have a hard time finding a prodo one. Youll probably have to get it custom made

    You can contact soul shine family glass and they could make you a showerhead for like $35 or something. You just need to find out how long it is from the bottom of the male ground joint to the bottom of the diffy.
  7. Yeah man, couldn't find any 14/14's anywhere, but I went up to Capitol Hemp the other day, and thankfully they had a few. They only had the slit end and popped hole end ones, but I checked out the popped hole one. As soon as I got home and got it out of the bubble wrap it dropped and shattered though haha. Goin' back up there today cuz the owner said he'd hook it up, but I appreciate the info. I'm definitely gonna check out HiSi and SSF to see what's good on those as well. Good looks homies
  8. I have a 14mm PHX honeycomb downstem on my medicali, works great for diffusion. Look on *******technoligies.com they have it on there
  9. I couldn't find it on ***; I went back up to Capitol and got one though. If I find any different ones online or in a shop I'll def check em out though. Good looks homies

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