14/10 lighting?

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  1. Whats the advatages of 14/10. im reading up on it and im confused? does it grow more bud..
  2. 14 dark/ 10 light = 2 less on electric bill; results seem mixed by what I've read here and elsewhere about effects on growth rates. I'm starting to shorten my days so will eventually get to that but my results won't give an objective view. Wish I had space for a side by side to compare it to 12/12.
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    14 dark / 10 light yea, i was just confused about does it make it resign up more or produce more buds, and if it did would bud be quicker and still produce the same amount as one did on 12/12 straight thru? Or should i start with the 12/12 and then maybe the last two week increase 1 hour each time. ive been reading alot on it lately and but theres alot of back and forward going on, thats its good and thats its bad. just a thought

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