$135 for an ounce of purp!

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  1. I bought an ounce of mids for 135. Half the nugs in the bag are like half purple.... Purple is just a light deficiency right? There can be purple mids riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? :hello:
  2. Lol purple is a deficiency, temperature change in certain growth stage, or natural, usually the first 2.

    and yes, mids can be purple... lol
  3. lets see it. thats pretty cheap. good find !

    edit: actually i thought it was kush, shoulda spent the extra $$$ on kush. mids is wack yo
  4. $135 an ounce tho?

    can we see some pics?

  5. Can't take good pics with my shit quality phone. Will try to get some good pics later though.
  6. Yes, the ounce was 135 because my brother bought a qp.
  7. Nice pick up Will

    Seriously though oz for 135, i'd roll tons of blunts/joints. Nice

  8. Huge pet peeve of mine, using kush to describe quality. You can get mids kush, schwag kush, dank kush, and a variety of kush breeds, but you do NOT describe quality with kush lol....
  9. you do in the hood y0

  10. using hood language, always the best way to go [/sarcasm]
  11. Name's kevin. not will.

    shut up bitchezs. :)

    Lol I got a crappy picture comin for you guys.... VERY hard to see the purple with my slide camera phone
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    Haha. In the Hood its. Reggie-mids-kush. Lol.

  13. wahhh wahh cry more you OBVIOUSLY knew what he meant in order to formulate a response
  14. i used to put purple food coloring on mids, spray it with this body spray that smelled like weed, and sell it to freshmen for 25 a g when i was in highschool lol. id get a qp of reggie for like 250 and make like 2000 off it in a month.
  15. I broke down one of the largest nugs and this is what it came out to. very dense as well.

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  16. I stated its one of my pet peeves, i wasnt trying to alter the persons lifestyle, calm down now lol

  17. Yeah dude I totally get that, just like when people are like "bro I just picked up some totally dro shit" and I'm like :mad:
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    I can see the purple on the nugs.
    Nice pickup dude! I wish I could get a O for a buck 35
  19. Buck 35 is pretty nice. Although if you are buying a qp at once and thats what you got.... Eh.... I buy premium shit for 230 an O for just an o. I have found qp's at 500-600 of dank.

  20. my brother's qp costed 375.:hello:

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