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130 for a quarter?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by htxtoker, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. ok so i know my shit but just want to get some other opinions... i talked to one of my homies and he said 130 a quarter... of certified dank purp. Would any fellow blades pay this type of money for a quarter?
  2. No, plain and simple.
  3. hell no I usually pay $45-50 for a quarter
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    I wouldnt really pay over 100 a quarter.

    If there was no one else then i may pay 130. thats really high though.

    120-125 the most forrreal. talk him down abit.

    im high off the best dank ive seen in a while in NYC. it looks/taste like kush and it was 100 a quarter. the best bud money can spend lol.

    Edit- man ive been around elizabeth NJ and LI. the prices there are high as hell. 130 a quarter sounds usual for you guys ;-)

    Canada's different. :( lol.
  5. no.

    ask him how much an ounce is. if he responds by saying 500 an ounce (520 if you buy 4 quarters), tell him he is crazy for buying it.
  6. Of course not. Around here quarters go for 100-120 but if thats ur only connect than just go for it.
  7. It better make you munchie food.
  8. id pay 65 for a quater
  9. im sure in texas u can get tha same shit cheeper, he sounds like he just tryn make a few bills
  10. No way. I live in an area where prices are higher than most people on this board (it seems like that anyway... 1/8ths are $60, quads are $100-110...), and I wouldn't pay it. The dank shit goes for $120 a quad.
  11. try to get a hlf for 200 and get it weighed
  12. man im in jersey and i have paid 130 for a quarter.. sounds about right but where are you located?
  13. if it's from cali and really dank then maybe
  14. thx for all replies... ya i know he tried to say some shit bout it was hell gettin it here.. i have many connects just wanted some variety lol.. well ill just get the mango kush or white widow for 110 lol thx blades..
  15. if its a grab-n-run deal no... and if you have to give to to someone and have them get it to you then FUCK NO... if you can look at it inside or in a car us good judgement

  16. Not at all.
  17. it better suck my dick if i'm paying 130 for a quarter
  18. ya ill wait till my main dude get back from canada.... he has certified shit lol. but he may be dry till like sunday or monday which sucks.
  19. Nope no way! Id never pay 130 for a quarter. Like 70 max. try 200 like Thekiller said

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