13-year-old charged with drug trafficking

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    ANDOVER - An Andover middle school student just barely into his teens was taken into custody Friday, accused of a crime usually associated with much older and more hardened criminals - drug trafficking.
    Ashtabula County Sheriff's Deputy Bryan Rose was dispatched to Pymatuning Valley Middle School in Andover after the school's principal learned of a student selling marijuana to classmates.

    Rose arrived at the school to find the 13-year-old student in school principal Pat French's office. According to Rose's report, a bag with a marijuana cigarette in it was sitting in the table in front of the boy, who refused to make eye contact with the deputy.

    Under questioning from Rose, the boy admitted selling a marijuana cigarette to 12-year-old fellow student earlier in the day. He said the younger student promised to pay him for the drugs Monday. The 12-year-old, also from Andover, was brought to French's office. A marijuana cigarette was found on the boy. The cigarette didn't appear to have been smoked, reports state.

    The 12-year-old may face a charge of drug possession in juvenile court, pending a decision by the prosecutor's office.

    More serious charges are likely in the 13-year-old's case. After contacting the boy's probation officer, Rose reportedly took him to the Ashtabula County Youth Detention Center, where he was booked on juvenile charges of trafficking in drugs.

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