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13 more days

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 4, 2002.

  1. and still counting. Getting edgie and anxious. excitement is in the air but also reality. Most of us know what a newborn is like to have around the house. The crying , feedings, no sleep, and shitty diaper changes. Not to forget getting spit up on, and the feeling like you are moving every time you go somewhere. The older kids getting jelous because they are getting less attention.

    Well reality is sinking in fast. The joys of a new baby around the house and the thoughts of how am i going to get through this.

    A battle of the mind. who will win? we will soon find out as it gets closer to a point of to late for thinking it is time to react and get things done.

    A few more days and she'll be here. to hold and care for. To love and charish till the end of time. to watch grow up and make mistakes. To teach how to ride a bike and pick her up when she falls.

    Babys know how to get the daddys thinking about life love and how to handle lifes treasures.

    Just thoughts from an O.F.F. who is to old to be a daddy again but can't change the reality.

    Great day to all!
  2. Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock!! Amazing how the ole' clock can seem to either rush ya or move so slow ya can't stand it!!!

    And quit worryin' bout being too old, lol, your Lil' Princess will adjust your lap-blanket while you rock in your genuine O.F.F. porch-rocker!!!!! :smoking:
  3. less than 2 weeks! woah!
    next thing you know it'll be less than 2 hours and your hand will be clenched so tight it will cramp :D
    best of health, and don't worry, you'll be a super daddy to that lil' girl :)
  4. Hey man, best wishes to you and your family, You'll be a good father, look you're a member of our city.
  5. Can't run away. Just need alot of weed to get me through the next year.LoL

    I'll post some pics if my computer guy ever gets back here with my soft ware for my camcorder! I can take still pics with it.

    I agre with the grand kids. When you've had enough just send'em home!hahahahahahhahahhaa
  6. Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock, Lol, "Uncle" Cowboy is patiently (Not a freakin' chance, lol) awaiting the birth of the Lil' Princess!!

    Thinkin' about your upcoming joy has brought a river of fond, warm memories of MY Lil' Princess, Thanks Bud Head, for "sharing" your joy with us!! :smoking:

  7. ^^^ I think that amidst the bullshit of the net, we've found a stoner haven. I feel the same way as you critter, Bud Head if I could, I'd give you and yours (and alot of other people on this board) a big warm hug. You're all like a "family" to me, crazy as it sounds!

    As for grandkids, my grandmother gave me an excellent tip when I was in high school: what ya do is you load 'em up with sugar & caffeinated sodas, and send 'em home. Revenge on your children. :D
  8. BudHead...

    This little one will wrap you around her little finger...she's a female after all. The poops, the throw up...forget it. As soon as you see her everything will be so cool...because she's Daddy's girl.

  9. Im also exited for you to makin me think of when we had ours !!!! took one look at the first one & threw up tehee !!!realy i did only it was the medication, but everyone thought yah youll be a good mother !!!! Ill probly get blasted for this but you men may have wories but its our bodies & minds that get the real work out before & after delivery !!!! be sweet to her k good luck patch

  10. Men don't have it hard till the baby is born. Then is when momma starts to say we don't spend enough time with the kids and her. Lets not forget that we don't help do ANYTHING around the house. The3 child always make things better for most!!!!

    It's good to see ya joining in on conversation around the city!

    I need to buy a scanner, so i can post a picture of the little princess!

    My baby already has daddy wraped around her fingers. LOL

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