13 different strains Perpetual grow

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  1. World of Seeds AUTOFLOWERING Northern Lights x Big Bud 03 seeds
    Sensi Seeds Big Bud 05 seeds

    Buddha Seeds Purple Kush Auto 05 seeds

    Female Seeds Lemon Kush 04 seeds

    G13 Labs Northern Lights X Skunk 05 seeds

    Barneys Farm Critical Kush 05 seeds
    Dinafem seeds Blue Hash 01 seed
    Dinafem seeds White Widow Auto 01 seed
    Dinafem seeds Blue Widow 02 seeds

    FEMINIZED UFO #1 Delicious Seeds Critical Jack Herer 01 seed
    FEMINIZED UFO #2 G13 Labs Pineapple Express 01 seed
    FEMINIZED UFO #4 Dinafem Seeds White Widow 01 seed

    - 4' x 4' x 7' mylar tent
    -Will be using 2 1000 watt MH bulbs for veg. (5-6 weeks) Will be keeping lights on for 18/6

    -Will be using 2 1000 watt HPS for flowering (may invest in some CFLs for more light)
    - 70% soil Fox Farm Ocean Forest / 30% Perlite

    Goal is to get 2.5 oz + off each plant with no HERMIES!!!
    Stay tuned

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  2. will update with pics every 3 - 5 days!!!
  3. ***CORRECTION i will not be using a 4x4x7 mylar tent***

  4. Edit your post at the top, makes it easier ;)
  5. Hey guys pics coming tomorrow.. STAY TUNED!!!
  6. Here's a couple pics of my females so far
    Sorry there so blurry

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  7. plants looking really nice! pics coming in a few days
  8. Transplanting all my autos to 2 gallon pots tomorrow. Plan on transplanting my others on Friday when I get enough money for all that SOIL i have to buy. PICS COMING THURSDAY guys stay TUNED.
  9. Here are just the pics of my autos
    1(White Widow)
    3(NLxBIG BUD)
    MY regular seed baby pics will be coming as soon as I transport too three gallon pots:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:

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  10. PLANTS ARE GETTING HUGE, about to start flowering. Longest i've vegged *8 weeks* took 25 clones yesterday hope they root! using heating mat humidity dome rootech and cfl 18/6.
  11. thinking about adding some blue dream and OG kush to the garden
  12. ****pics coming soon*****
  13. Here is a pic of one of my Purple kush autos before I chopped her down.
    As well as after I chopped her down. She was 90 grams wet so I am guessing about a half ounce dried.

    Also was a pic of my White widow auto which was 91 grams wet so I'm guessing a half an ounce with her as well! looking forward to the smoke will give you guys a final dry weight.

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  14. Holy purple!

    Nice man, those buds already look tasty :)
  15. Thank man, buds are loose though :( but it's purple as SHIT:smoking:
  16. Subbin uo in here, what nutes are you using?

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    Hey I finished that grow a few years ago lol I can really remember what nutes I used but here's my current grow
    I'm growing Purple kush auto again as well as 19 other strains.  Im using Advanced Nutrients for this grow
  18. Lol guess I was stoned when I posted up in here

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