$13 Bong = Great

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  1. So yeah, got my mini bong off of GC after ~15 biz days, this thing is fucking awesome. I recommend it to all looking for a cheap bong. It's so much better than a pipe and cheaper than a lot of them also. I've never smoked out of a massive high end bong so maybe my expectations are low, but this thing is really good.

    It's also really easy to store, barely bigger than a pipe - 5 inches. Considering this is about the size and price of a pipe but so much better, I recommend it strongly.

    Molino mini bong - Dutch - Grasscity.com
  2. Yeah that's one sick little bong. Congrats. GC sells a bunch of cool, cheap little pieces. I got these two.
  3. Thats legit, id deff get one if i wasnt making one already
  4. i've always loved mini bongs, but doesn't that burn your nose? that thing looks a little too small..
  5. Thats amazing for $13!
    was it free shipping? :smoke:
  6. i lol'd at the first review of that thing. looks sick though.
  7. Yeah i ordered the molino bubbler for a friend of mine.
    Took like 3-4 weeks.
    customs opened it and posted a stamp saying 'glass pipe'

    BUT-the bubbler hits amazing and we use the stem for other pieces as it looks very HQ.
  8. that things pretty badass, you can cup that thing cant you? guess depends on your hand size
  9. Nah shipping was a couple bucks but I used 20% off so it basically evened out
    nah, my first time lighting i just light it, bring it up, and the flame gets sucked in anyways
  10. That's really awesome, i might buy one.
  11. Looks like a nice little piece for the price; but it looks like a hair scortcher.
  12. Thankfully I have shortish hair :smoke:
  13. Availability: Out of stock

  14. first review made me lol. ;)
    def a cute piece :eek:

  15. where are you located that they would do that?
  16. I dont really like little bongs.
    With a bong you should go big or go home haha

    Well most the time

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