13 Bears Surround Police busting a Pot Field!! HAAAAA

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  2. haha thats sweet how they tamed bears to protect their beloved plants
  3. Seems like the growers coaxed them in there on purpose lol.
  4. those bears were high lol
  5. Imagine how fuckin freaked out those pigs were when the bears started marching toward them out of the bushes.... I woulda shat my pants a few times.

  6. Its mad easy with animals like bears. They're lazy as fuck, and if they know theres a reliable source of easy food, then they're going to go for it. Just keep leaving food around, and they'll keep coming back.

    EDIT: haha I love canadian police. "At one time I threw a stick at em". Solid idea, throw a stick at a bigass bear that you definitely can't outrun. Bears were definitely too high to attack anything.
  7. They aren't going to the garden for food. I'd toke with a bear.
  8. Damn, I knew I should've equipped my bears with lasers and heat-seeking missiles!
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    relevant to my interests

  10. thats how its done. i was camping and there was a bear eating some shit from a cooler near our site, some guy that worked for the park is just driving along peacefully sees this bear, slams on the breaks yells at the bear and runs at it with a rock in one hand and a walkie talkie in the other, obviously you would rather have a rock but a stick would work, its all about intimidating him.

    but it would only really work if there were equal or more humans haha

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