12x OG Kush 1000W Grow!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by andrewfng, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I second this! You've gotta post some final figures as well.
  2. Inspired!!! R u still with us? Any results?
  3. Wondering the same thing. Where you at Drew?
  4. hes ignoring you guys lol
  5. I'm SO SORRY guys, I feel like a complete jackass :(. I was so busy with moving, starting school, and work all at once. I've been checking up on you guys through my phone since I haven't had internet but couldn't really update via phone. My final weight came between 18-20oz, pretty happy with that :). Once again, my sincere apologies! Setting up my perpetual goal with a goal of 16oz per 2 weeks. Gonna go with 10 clones of Brothers Grimm C99, 10 clones of Barneys Farm LSD, and 20 more of whatever strain this was this time. It doesn't have the distingue OG Kush lime-pine taste but it has the video-game (fat body high, crazy head high) high on lock, you guys have any idea? I'll have some bud shots for you guys tomorrow, I promise!
  6. never doubted you. i always took you as a straight shooter and not flaky. We hope to get you moved and set-up with a new pc/cameraplants and everything...then step up your gc game so we can all be better for it. I am trying to employ something similar...1 harvest per month 18-22 oz...peace drew

    cant wait for the budshots.

  7. Hey andy! Great job for a first run, you seem to have some inside!;). Thanks for the final post man, really impressive! See you around buddy.
  8. dat fool musta had some captiol connections. 1st grow and it rocks like that???

    shit im on my 20th harvest and just getting to this guys level:eek:

    great job.

    you should be proud.

    but only if you do as i asked in my last post:poke:

  9. Dude no need to apologize. Life gets wild and somethings get put on the back burner for a bit of time. Not to worry.

    Between 18-20 ounces is amazing too man! I can't believe how well your first run went. Even more impotently I can't wait to see this perpetual madness start up! Your gunna kill it.
  10. My sincere apologies again, I hate flakers - shame on myself!m :(

    But to move onto more important things... my phone's camera is complete crap so I'm really sorry about that. I have no idea where my camera is among all the boxes. The weed doesn't really look all that great but it's pretty dank.


    I know this shot is really blurry but some of the OG Kush ended up turning as purple as it seems in the picture. Purple inside and out... I fed them cold water throughout my feed and I think that works a lot better than doing an extreme ice flush and potentially maybe damaging the plant. Maybe one of you guys want to try that out? :confused: Hopefully it'll help bring the purple out in your plants if that's what you're going for.

    Made some butter and some hash with the leftover trimmings...

  11. LOL "***** please!" Your grow is 10 tiers above mine, I dream to be able to grow like you one day. But yes, once everything is dialed in, I got you homie. ;)

    Thank you for the compliments guys. I honestly just kinda went with it with this grow. This time i actually got a timer... LOL! Just reading the bible a few times here and there when I ran into problems and of course you guys helping me the entire way though! I honestly think I just got some plants with some badass genetics.
  12. thats what i meant by capitol connections...lol. always sweet to have a good hook-up on clones. cant wait til ya get set up and rockin in the new place.:hello::wave:
  13. Ahhhh I see, yeah I got these bad boys from a local dispensary. I think they grow their shit outdoors or some shit, they're more low/mids.

  14. the stars aligned for you...lets see if you can do 1 better this time:D
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    Hey guys... my luck just sucks ass. Clones I picked up ended being root rot so I had to replace them. When I tried to return them, found out the dispensar was closed. Anyways picked up some more from different clubs. Got 6 GDP, 6 Harlequins, 6 Deadhead OGs. Also started 7 Brothers Grimm C99, 5 Barney's Farm LSD, and another 2 random seeds. As you can tell, the plants don't do to be doing as well as the other grow. I just planted them 2-3 days ago. Can anyone help identify what's wrong? Leaves are slightly yellow, plucked off a few that were more than 50% yellow off the bigger ones. Giving them H&G rooting accelerator and that's about it. Once I get my camera, I'll start a proper journal for you guys!

  16. What a rip off! Dispensaries are supposed to be there for their patients, not out for a buck. It's unfortunate those people get a license to open one up.
  17. lookin good dude. lovin the selection. wont get the yield...but the variety is awesome...

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