12x OG Kush 1000W Grow!

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by andrewfng, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. too early for porn like that...the wife is still up:eek:
  2. Been following this for a while, fucking great looking, can't wait for final weight.

  3. not at all my friend,
    i clone in root riots flouros and cfls
    move to 3in rockwool cubes pre soaked in alittle superthrive/greatwhite
    veg for about 2 weeks in there under 1000w's of cfls and get amazing root system
    put into buckets(right now i have (9) 5 gal but will want to have (14) 3.5gal
    each plant will have roughly 1'4"x1'4" and i veg them till a significant enough root system builds into water, 2 weeks
    then flower. blue cheese = sativa, longer flower period more branchy.
    i stick with RP OGK
    short stubby, good purps like this here OG

    top a couple stems and i am getting 3.5oz per plant avg.
    after this next grow i may switch to 2 gal buckets but we will see.
    i am using a partial lucas system...which helps a little. but im an aggressive nuter so it takes constant attention
  5. Nice job. Check my gro. Going for a harvest every month
  6. Bro looks amazing. Congratulations man job well done.

    If you need some help trimming...
  7. Great grow man! :D I would suggest reading Rumpleforeskins sticky in the Harvest/Curing thread. Can't wait to see that dank dried and cured.

  8. Great Advice.
    That thread has helped me soo much
  9. Harvesting in a couple of hours, FUCK YEAH!
  10. Reading grow journals like this one is so weirdly fulfilling :) I get a buzz just by looking at how your girls are coming along, can't wait to start my own soon.. Congrats man!!
  11. Nice grow drew, I cant wait to harvest my next run so to say the least Im jealous. I suggest a pair or two of hydrofarm spring scissors they are 1000X better then fiskars. Have fun and post some more pics
  12. Sorry for the lack of updates! Been busy with work, school, and harvesting my babies. :rolleyes:

    All the bud is hanging now and will be done in about 2 days for further trimming!

    Anyone wanna guess on yield? I really have no idea, this is my first real grow... My first one I completely fucked around with hahaha, learned my lesson.


    Next perpetual grow should be started in about a week! :hello: Ordered some Brothers Grimm C99 and Barneys Farm LSD. Will probably start it off with some clones from the same dispensary and once the mothers are ready, I'll have some top tier strains to use!
  13. Wow iv been tuned in.. I think you have 9 Ounces.. Im doing 13 Og kush under a 1k watt also.. Ill let you know of what I get..who know i might just make a journal...
  14. I think lb and half if not more. I would hope for that atleast. Them buds look beautiful.
  15. I was honestly hoping for a pound... anything around there and I'll be a happy little kid. :p

    Thank you, thank you guys! Also, when do you guys consider the bud's to be dry enough to be considered dry weight? Do the plants lose enough weight after 3 days of drying to count as my final weight?
  16. If you weigh it all up it will lose a little over 75% of it weight when dry. Takes more then 3 days to become dry I think, I cant really fully remember but I think mine hung for about 6 or 7 days if not longer. The texture comes back when you cure it in glass jars if a little overdried.
  17. I can't wait to see the final yield. I'm currently flowering some strains under a 1000w. I have approx 4-5 weeks to go.
  18. Great grow. Just finished reading through it all. Can't wait to see your final weight
  19. So how'd they do Drew? You end up hitting your pound?
  20. Pics man?! Pics! :D

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