12x OG Kush 1000W Grow!

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  1. Lights just turned on! Some pics for you guys :).

  2. Damn nice! Wanted to see some pictures of that OG Kush! They look so good
  3. Thanks a lot! I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Also, they're starting to turn nice and purple :).

    I know it's hard for you guys to tell but does another week look right? The dispensary I got them from told me they were OG Kush but couldn't tell me specifics. From my yield, is it pretty likely I got some #18? Thanks GC!
  4. i would concur, but in no way can confirm 100%.
  5. Looking very good dude I bet that room stinks in the best kinda way..:smoke:
  6. Thank you, nothing stinks and smells as good as Mary Jane ;)
  7. I think another week will do you great! We shall see what the next 6-7 days bring us, really excited man. They really are turning an excellent purple color.
  8. Thanks for the compliments! Coming from someone who knows their shit means a lot :). The buds are starting to turn purple too. From the start, I've been giving them cold water and I think that's the reason why they turned purple. It's definitely not because the tent temperature is low, I'm low on cash right now so my set up is missing some stuff. It's actually hotter than optimal temperature. I know if you ice flush your plants it'll bring the purple out too, but just using cold water seems to be a less stressful way of doing it.

    I just bought a microscope and I would say 30% are amber and the rest are a good smokey consistency. Should I be waiting till 50% amber?
  9. hold off till 55-60%... then you will be set my friend. some more will mature when drying first two days end like 70/30... og kush body lock with video game ninja status brain activity :smoke: :rolleyes:
  10. Fuck, I hate the waiting game!!!!!!! Anyways, found a new place to move to... double the space. Yeah don't worry, I'm thinking the same thing boys ;).
  11. i got a 5x5 tent right now and im gonna put in 14 DWC buckets.... but if i was like you and INCREASING SPACE... all i would do is make the same set up in a 5x5 tent and slap them together.... set them apart a month make a veg room, and boom! minimal guarantee 1LB/MTH!
    if you keep soil, id get square pots if i was you and id put 16 pots in each tent...
    then 1oz per plant = 1 lb and so fourth and so on.
  12. if you can now would be a good time to add alittle extra UVB rays in the middle of your light cycle for about 2 hours each day...
    you can buy 10UVB CFL bulbs at pet shops and at hardware stores they sell the lamps... 4 lamps and bulbs= 100$
    hang on on the 4 sides of your tent... you should see THC MATURE VERY FAST!

    **edit- THC MATURE. NOT DEVELOPE. UVB helps with the maturity of THC glands.
  13. Actually if I were me again... I'd go with 20+ plants. I'd make it fit ;). After this grow though, I'm going SOG since I'll have all the space I need.

  14. wastin nutes and time imho. Thats way too many buckets for that small space. Imho

    just my 2 cents 5x5 i could/would easily max out at 9 plants...4 would be optimal...and any more than 4 plants taking up 4x4 area...u better have a 1000 with a decent spreading hood.
  15. ^ The master has spoken, everybody listen up! The only reason I went with smaller plants is due to time and space constraints. Joe, you honestly have one of my favorite and most well-planned grows! Keep up the good work :)
  16. by no means am i the master, but i recently vegged my blue cheese for only 2 weeks from rooting...and put them into flower at 14" tall... 9 of them are taking up 10'x5' area and 2000watts....i just hate to see someone go buy 2x what they really need...obviously the amount of variables involved are too many to take into account...therefore my statement was quite general...
  17. Well put, Joe. So yes, you are the master. :D Man I hope my next grow will slightly ressemble yours, shit is crazy.

    I think it's about finding that balance between your lights, environment, genetics, etc... I just got lucky with these Kush's, they'll take motherfucking anything 8). SO CLOSE TO HARVEST!!!!

  18. EXCITED 4 ya brotha. :D:gc_rocks::bongin:they look dank as hell!!!!:hello:
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    Wow! caked with resin and looks real dense! I can smell that shit from here!

    Urr bout to have a lot of nice bud on your hands.
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    Thank you, thank you! Good growers like you guys that are out to help is the main reason I'm even able to push out half decent shit.:hello:

    Tomorrow will be the day I give them an ice flush and they enter 36~48 hours of darkness before harvest on Wednesday. If anyone has any tips/suggestions/criticisms please, please, please tell me!

    Here's how they look as of now! None of them are really standing straight even with my chopstick props. Heh, I guess that makes me happy knowing my bud is heavy enough to lean em over. :smoke:


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