12x OG Kush 1000W Grow!

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  1. Ahh, can't wait to get my og going.

    Very nice grow man.
  2. Plants havent grown very much in size so I figured I'd just show some shots of the bud, 2-3 weeks left and they're looking pretty good I think.

  3. I got a quick question for you more experienced people out there. Since I'm approaching the end of this harvest, I just wanted to make sure everything will be done right since they look pretty good right now in my opinion. Here's my list of questions:

    1. Since I switched to organics, when do I need to start flushing, if at all?

    2. Since I noobed out and started counting flowering when I switched to 12/12, not when the plants showed female traits, when should I pull my plant?

    3. If there's anything I'm doing that wrong please put me on blast, I want some dank weed!

    Any and all help is always appreciated guys!
  4. Hey Andrewfng! Looks like you are learning a great deal over here, and it is paying off!

    To answer your questions:

    1. You still should give the plants at least a week flush using 2-3x water to soil ratio. If you planned on flowering for 9 weeks, start flushing the start of week 8.

    2. I have actually asked around about this question, and you are correct to start counting from 12/12, NOT from time of pistils. Because you cant exactly determine when the plant has started showing sex, we just go by the 12/12 switch.

    3. I have read all of your posts up until this point and you have been doing a really good job brother. I cant give any advice honestly, you got this shit handled. I have had an OG Kush before, and compared to other Indica's it really didn't get very tall. Compared to a Sativa that would easily double in height side by side. You made great use of your 5x5 tent!

    Also, the leaves will naturally start to brown and yellow out during the last 2 weeks of your flowering, so if they start to die dont panic, its a good thing!
  5. Great, thanks! :D I couldn't have done it without the help from the GC community, received lots of help from you guys! 1 more week before I have more weed than I've ever had at once :)
  6. Nice, I hope your OG Kush turns out well! Keep your nutes a little lower for the first week or so... after that I would just keep giving them nutes like a madman. I've been giving them so much that most people would think I'm purposely killing the plant. It's fucking ridiculous how nute heavy these bamfs are. I'd just say progressively build up your nutes, just to make sure that the amount you're giving them isnt going to burn them.
  7. Also gave my buds a try last night. I pulled a few nuts a week ago and tried it last night... now I truly know why OG Kush is such an amazing and popular strain. The high is fucking ridiculous! I was so fucked up I could barely walk around and then when I started playing video games my stone turned into this clear-concentrating high. FUCK YEAH!
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    what do you think of this nute chart i created? (ppms are guessestimations.... lol! except for first and last.) i am going to test each combination wednesday or thursday...

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  9. Something got lost in translation because when I opened that up it was a bunch of numbers and letters. Should it be saved as an excel file(database)?

    I'm really interested to hear about how much nutes everyone's been giving they're OG because mine will need some food soon. I went ahead and mixed in a little Mexican bat guano into the top layer of soil and she seemed like that.
  10. Beautifull plants man. Im excited to see some harvest pics soon
  11. Your chart looks fine to me, honestly i would just keep steadily increasing ppm values as long as the plant doesn't burn up. I think you're using a hydro set up and i have no real experience with that. I think I even gave them somewhere close to 2000 ppm without a sign of hurting the plant...

  12. How did you view his chart?
  13. I'm on a Mac so it was just download, click and run.

  14. Just hopped on the iMac and it was easy as that. fuckin pc.
  15. what did you think of the chart!?
  16. ALSO if your growing in soil... molasses in your best friend.

  17. I liked it but I'm using a mixture of fox farms trio and guano so I would have to adjust it accordingly.
  18. my suggestion.... steadily increase ppms with your fox farm nutrients.
    grab a gallon and test how many ml you put in does what... it will help you tremendously.
    ALSO! if your flowering....SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!
    id get that.... i suggest pineapple as the fruit one smells like mixed berries... which if growing sativa id love to give them, but for OG the pineapple rush is much more subtle.
  19. Hey andy! Got any new shots of the OGK? They gotta be coming up on harvest time!
  20. Had a long day today, woke up too find the sound proofing material I used to cover up my walls (My walls are extremely thin and I used to have a crazy neighbor that got evicted by the cops. She would FREAK out at any noise, I had to watch the TV sitting a few feet away to hear that fucking thing :mad:). Found my bongs/hookahs spilt and my 50" ended up falling off its stand and breaking itself on the corner of my coffee table. Ahhh long day, obviously, I took a huge rip out of the bong before running off to my first day of school. :rolleyes:

    Anyways, lights are off now so sorry can't take any pics :(. I will tomorrow though! Now that I've entered the last 2 weeks, I've started just giving them plain water. I'll see if I have the time to get molasses one of these days so I can sweeten these motherfuckers up. Maaaaaan, these turned out better than I imagined. Now that the preharvest-tester has cured slightly longer, the taste is a lot better and the high is too. I got fucking lucky with these clones, I don't think the dispensary I got them from are growing theirs right. I'm by no level an experienced grower at all, decent would be stretching it. Genetics baby. :devious:

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